The Cabin by Natasha Preston: I Think I Already Know who did it

I’m currently 72 pages into The Cabin by Natasha Preston and I think I already know who killed Courtney and Josh. I feel like it’s almost too obvious, he told Josh to, “drop dead,” and if that statement was to subtle for you he also told Josh, “[he’d] kill him.” I believe that the person who said they would kill someone is normally the person that did it. Thoughts become ideas, then ideas become words, and then words become actions.

Josh certainly did and said some things that would anger most of the group, but I think it angered Aaron the most. When Gigi and Tilly died in a car crash Josh said he was glad that it was them instead of him and Courtney. I think the whole group would find what Josh said extremely insensitive -but Tilly was Aaron’s ex.

Not to mention Courtney was the one driving before the car crashed. So far it sounds like the car crash was an accident, but Arron doesn’t seem to be taking it that way. His clouded judgement of the crash and his hatred for Josh could have been enough for him to have killed both of them.

Aaron also continues to point a finger at Blake, who seems to want nothing to do with the situation. Aaron is quick to tell Mackinze that he thinks Blake killed them every time Mackinze tries to defend Blake. Blake seems too emotionally distant to have wanted to kill his brother. He doesn’t even want a relationship with half his family and honestly what would Blake even gain if he killed them?

Aaron was protective of the friend group he has and I think that’s another reason he might of killed them. He might have thought they were a threat to the group. Josh would always act controlling and selfish and Courtney would back him up. The car accident seemed to have been mostly their fault if anyones and I think Aaron got tired of them. He might have thought that if he killed them the group could finally be at peace.

What do you think?

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