Do Books that get Turned into Movies Receive too much Attention?

We’ve all gone into Barnes and Noble, we know the books that have been turned into major motion pictures are in the front(at least in the one I go to). Some days they even have there own special stand right when I walk in the store or right when I’m about to check out. Books that get turned into movies seem to be like those candy bars when check out at a grocery store, they seem to follow me around and they slap Major Motion Picture! On the front with a big exclamation point to convince us to buy it. Sometimes I feel like they get way too much attention and I found some books that haven’t become movies way better than the ones that are.

I think We Were Lairs was a great book and it didn’t get turned into a movie. I also liked The Warrior Cats when I was little and it was the best book series I ever read at that age. I think The Promise of Wolves is underrated and so are many, many other books. I think most of the books that were made into to movies were almost predestined to become one and therefore the writing gears more to the how the story looks rather than what the reader experiences.

Me Before You and The Girl on the Train were those kind of books. Sure the story of Me Before You was heartwarming, but as read I don’t feel like I wasn’t engrossed in the story. Even the title changed and they put the actors and actresses on the cover instead of keeping the original. It was hard to go into my own world when I was forced to be in someone else’s. I felt the same when I read The Girl on the Train, I wasn’t reading it until 1am to finish it because I felt like I wasn’t in the story.

I don’t like how books that get turned into movies always get the first shelf at Barnes and Nobles. A good movie doesn’t equal a good book and sure some books that get turned into movies are great, but not every book. 

Do you think books that get turned into movies are overrated?

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I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

2 thoughts on “Do Books that get Turned into Movies Receive too much Attention?

  1. If I’ve seen a movie based on a book, I don’t read the book after the fact. But I will often hurry and read a book first. You’re right that many good books don’t end up as movies. There seems to be an element of luck that plays a role.

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