The Cabin: I can’t Believe who did it


After my first theory, a lot of information was introduced. There was so much new information I wondered how the main character didn’t know about it in tell now. Did these characters even hang out that often? How could she not know half the terrible things her friends did? It just doesn’t seem realistic, if she’s known these people for so long she should know when they are hiding something. Honestly how could one group of people keep so many secrets? Sure people have made some bad choices, but their choices are over the top.

The murders kind of got out of hand too. If I was Mackenzie and it wasn’t for the “police protect the state, not you,” rule, I would have gone straight to the police about the threats. However, since the police wouldn’t really protect them, I would have just left. At least -as far as the police would allow me to go.

In my last post, I thought for sure is was Aaron, he had left temporarily and I thought it was because he was hiding something. When they took him to jail I thought: Yes! I was right! I was about ready to put the book down until there was another twist.

Megan confessed to killing them. I was so furious when I read that, if I was Mackenzie I would have grabbed her gun anyway just to mess up her plans, I would have cared more about the truth getting out than myself. So if her plan was ruined the truth would be more likely to leak out. I wish Mackenzie would have done that, wasn’t that the whole point of what she went through? All of this, just to watch her friend ruin her life some more.

I will never understand why Aaron took her place and why she did what she did. Mackenzie did everything for her friends, while Megan got to die and she took it even farther by framing Blake for her death to ensure everyone loved her. Why?! She isn’t even going to be there when she’s dead why does it matter if she was loved or not?

I’m glad Mackenzie decided that at least Blake should get out this mess. If I was in her situation I would have left a long time ago. If I could describe this book in two words I would say it was crazy and pointless.

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