Top 10 Most Beautiful BookStores in the World


We’ve all seen Barnes and Nobles, Half Price Books, and maybe even a few other bookstores. They all have the bookmarks, the comfortable seating and maybe even a café. However, these book stores have a little something else in them. Here’s my list of the most beautiful book stores in the world:

10) The Bookábar Bookshop


This bookshop is located in Rome, Italy. It has a modern theme to it.


9) Bart’s Books


Bart’s books is an outdoor bookstore located in Ojai, California. They have an art gallery, writer workshops, and writing classes.

8) Words on the Water


Words on Water is a book store on a boat! They have jazz, creative writing events, and poetry slams. People have reviewed the store as friendly and cheerful.

7) Books Actually


Located in Singapore, Books Actually has a vintage theme to it. They sell vintage books, glass bottles, and sealing wax.

6) Zhongshuge-Hangzhou Bookstore


The architect, Li Xiang, was the brains behind creating this bookstore. In this video Xiang has claimed to be an architect for half her life and I think the bookstore proves that she has learned so much over the years.

5) Livrerra Lello and Irrisão


This book shop was created by two brothers in 1906, José and António Lello. It was their passion for books and art that made the store and it’s also what keeps it running.

Their architect, Francisco Xavier Esteves, had a passion for books as well as building. With a majority of what he constructed symbolizing something. You can check their website to find out more.

4) The Last Book Store


I can’t image how much time it took to create this, if I ever went to this store I’d have to ask if the books were glued together or not. If not, one bump of the elbow and all of it could fall down.

3) Cook and Book

Cook and Book is divided into eight spaces and has a music section. They are located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Belgium. This store has great interior architecture and it’s perseveres it culture by selling waffles and other Belgian foods.



2) Shakespeare and Co.


Shakespeare and Company is located in Paris, France. They have a book about the history of the store and the man who created it, George Whitman, he seemed passionate about taking care of it.

The building was originally a monastery in the early 17th century. Then Whitman opened the building as a book store in 1951. It’s original name was Le Mistial, but it changed to it’s present name in 1964. He named it Shakespeare and Coin honor of Sylvia Beach, who made the original in 1919.

You can check out their website to learn more.

1) House of Books


The outside of this building looks absolutely magnificent. The House of Books(also know as the Singer House) is in St. Petersburg and was completed in 1904. An interesting fact about this building is that the glass tower wasn’t exactly built to please the public eye. Originally, the building was supposed to be a skyscraper, but the emperpor wouldn’t allow the building to be taller than the Winter Palace.

How would you rank these bookstores? With one being the best and ten being okay. Do you think there are other bookstores that deserve to be on this list?

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