Authors I Wish I Could Met


We’ve all had those days where we finish a book and we find that is so good that we still have questions. Here are some authors I would want to met and the questions I would ask them.

5) Erin Hunter

Erin Hunter is just a name for four authors used the name to put on the cover of the Warrior Cats series. Their real names are Victoris Holmes, Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary and Tui Sutherland. I want to ask them how they brought all their ideas together to make the book series. I want to know if they worked on certain parts of the book separately or if all of it was a combined effort. I also want to know who came up with the characters or if each of them contrubtied some to the series.

4) Walter Farley

Walter Farley

I love animals, and when I was little I would give anything to ride a horse. Farley’s book The Black Stallion expanded my childhood dreams. If he was still alive I would want to know if he ever did any horse racing. I know his uncle trained horses and that was probably what made writing his book easier, but I don’t know if he himself tried to make a career out of horses. I would’ve allow asked what horses inspired him to create the Black. Was the horse famous or was he a family pet?

3) Cassandra Clare

Cassandra Clare

Clare created The Motral Instruments series and I liked the first few books. I would want to learn the kind of philosophy she has and what parts of the Bible intrigue her. I want to know if she believes in angels and demons or not, -they are common in her book series.

I would also want to discuss how she felt about the movie of her first book. Personally, I didn’t like it and I thought it took away some aspects of her book that I thought were important.

2) David Lagercrantz

David Lagercrantz

Lagercrantz  wrote I am Ziatan Ibrahimović and finished Larsson’s book The Girl in the Spider’s Web. If I ever met him I would ask him if he thought his writing and Larsson’s writing fit together smoothly. Or if there was some distinct difference between the two. Then I would’ve asked what inspired him to want to continue Larsson’s novel. Was it something from his own experience or a deep admiration for Larsson?

I heard the fifth book is expected to come out in 2017. I would want to ask how much of it was based on Lassron’s ideas and what Lagercrantz had to come up with on his own.

1) Steig Larsson

Stieg Larsson

If he were still alive I don’t think I would ask him many questions about his book. Instead, I would want to know how much criminal activity he researched and if he ever got involved trying to catch real criminals at some point. He seems to have a passion for solving crime -especially when it comes to scandals. I would want to ask how much criminal activity he witnessed too. Larsson seemed to be a private person, -and I think it might have been more out of caution than staying away from publicity. I think he might have known something that no else did.


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2 thoughts on “Authors I Wish I Could Met

  1. I have never thought about this! I guess my author would have to be R.L. Stine. Though I’m older now, he was the one that got me into my book addiction. I’d probably ask him where he gets all his ideas from. Like geez, how many books has the dude made? Haha.

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