The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

So I know it’s been a while, but I finally got around to finishing the third book of the Millennium Series. I liked some aspects of it, but I will say that now I’m a little disappointed in Blomvist and Slander. However, I’m more disappointed in him rather than her.

the girl who kicked the hornet's nest

First of all, I think this book really represents our reality. In a lot of court cases, it seems quite a few immoral people get away with a lot of things. However, in a way Slander’s enemies aren’t completely like the people we see on the news. They seem to be a little more subtle and sneaky. When in reality some of them can do a crime in plain sight and not get any punishment whatsoever. I love the court cases in this book, it helps me realize just how corrupt our society can be. However, it also does help us figure out when we can truly trust a person. 

I’m glad Slander came out of her shell a little and allowed the good people in the justice system to help her. I thought it was ironic that the same people who put her the position she was in, are now helping her get out of it. It was refreshing to know that not all the police, doctors, and lawyers are corrupt. It’s simply a matter of finding the right people who are honest. However, sometimes people need a little more than honesty.

When I found out that Slander let Blomkvist back into her life, a felt a little weary. The book claims that she doesn’t have feelings for him anymore, but that can always change. Blomkvist in my mind, is a good person for the most part, I just don’t like that he unaware of how he can make people feel. Even when he notices someone has strong feelings for him, he continues to drag them along. To me that isn’t fair, even though it isn’t exactly against the law I still think it’s common curiosity to make sure you aren’t making others feel depressed. Berger’s case is different, her husband doesn’t seem to have any bad feelings towards her relationship with Blomivist and Blomivist doesn’t care that she’s married. Blomivist seems to act as though everybody should feel that way and that isn’t the case. 

After watching Slander cut off Blomkvist towards the end of the first book I didn’t want her around him either. I know for the most part Slander is pretty good a keeping it together, but she’s a broken person and she needs more love than Blomkvist is willing to give. When Sander let him back into her life I felt a little sick. I think she should be grateful for what her did for her, but I don’t think having him around often is the best thing for her.

I want to say she deserves better, but yet here she is at the end of the book having sex with a married man.


The reason I’m more disappointed in Blomkvist rather than Slander isn’t because he’s a man. It’s because he messed with other people’s emotions more often than Slander has. First it was his wife, then it was Slander, then is was Figuerola and who knows how many other women.

I hope soon they’ll learn to get there act together and stop messing around with the emotions of others and themselves.

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