Monthly Refection: November 2018 and Basically Everything Before That

I’ve been all over the place this past year, I finally got a better job where I can make pursuing some of my hobbies easier. I haven’t gone to college this school year and I think it’s really made me a happier person.

Last year, I made the Dean’s list my first semester of college. Would I say it was worth it?

No, -well, at least not for the field I was going into. I hardly had any time for myself since I had to balance both work, school, and try to continue some of the hobbies I liked. I felt  miserable having to put so much effort into something that might only barely help me make ends meet. I spent hours studying things that I don’t even remember now to be honest. I think what bothered me the most was that in other states I didn’t even need a degree to do what I wanted to do. While here in the state that I live I would’ve had to do three years of college for a job whose salary would probably remain under 50 grand. Not that I care too much about how much I make -I only care about making more money if I’m spending thousands of dollars just to get the job. I hated that I was there while people in other states where simply just jumping into it.

Eventually I learned that the job just wasn’t worth it to me and I found that learning things for free ended up being a better investment.

Things I wish I Would’ve Done:

I wish I would’ve taken the money I spent on college and used that money to invest so I know I would have enough money to retire with. I’ve learned through a few investing books that investing money now -even small amounts- will help out a lot more than waiting another decade until you can put more money in.

This blog probably would’ve been a better investment too if I had just stuck to it instead of trying to do all these other things at once. I think in the end -even if I never made a cent from it- it would probably teach me a lot more about life than a college degree ever could.

Taking better care of myself is something I wish I would’ve done better. I wish I could’ve said no to all the junk food that has put through so much pain, depression, and decreased my motivation to do things that could’ve helped me out so much in the long run.

Things I’m glad I Did:

Some people might consider it naive, but I’m glad I decided not to go to college this year. I’ve saved up so much money and I’ve been able to hang out with my friends as well as try different things that might end up helping me if I just continue to do it.

I’m proud of myself for having been vegan for over a year! Now that doesn’t mean I’ve been eating healthy the whole time, but I know it’s gotten me another step in the right direction.

I’ve also gotten rid of some of my social media accounts. I think it has helped me to give more time for hobbies that might be of use to me. I’ve found myself so consumed in someone else’s life that I didn’t make time for my own. I’m glad I’m slowly trying to stop that from happening.

One thing I hope to achieve for December 2018:

I’ve chosen only to focus on one thing for each month because sometimes once I start adding more things in it can be hard to try to balance them. Especially since I work full time and I try to spend time with my family when I can.

I hope in the month of December I can focus more on being consistent with this blog. Now I do write, but I don’t write a lot, so I’ll have to start will small posts and then work my way up. Hopefully, it will lead to more interactions with all of you who take the time to view my blog.

Thank you for reading! 🙂


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I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

2 thoughts on “Monthly Refection: November 2018 and Basically Everything Before That

  1. Fortunately or unfortunately, there is no guidebook for adulthood. We all meander with certain suppositions, colliding at nooks and corners which shape our personality on the way. Reading this post gives me a sense of relevancy to my own experiences.

    So glad that you finally took the right step to invest more in yourself. Best of luck for all your future endeavours! I absolutely loved your blog and hope to read more of it.

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