Writing Wednesday: Prompt 1

Write a wedding day from the perspective of someone who knows they’re marrying the wrong person, but goes through with it anyway.

Her family sat like dolls waiting for hands to move them. The bridesmaids in the front row seemed to be analyzing their dresses and fingernails. The grooms talked amongst each other -none of them had said anything to me during the whole event.

Then the music played and I stood still next to the priest, her snake like eyes stared at me as she walked towards me with her father. The make-up and small white flowers that twirled into her curly light brown hair made this monster of a person look like some kind of angel. I had become one of her dolls like the rest of her family. Never to move, never to make any decisions of my own without her consent. She smiled at me as she came closer and I smiled back. The priest began to speak and I closed my eyes, this can’t be happening right now. I opened them and saw her yellow eyes try to stab into mine. I had to go through with whatever she had planned -at least until I could figure out how to get out this mess.

Published by Athena Bocock

I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

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