Writing Wednesday: Prompt 2

A detective is called to the scene of what appears as simply roadkill. Until they step closer to the body.



“Really we’re on roadkill duty now?” Buggs asked. He took off his brass framed glasses and massaged his temples. Ricky kept his eyes on the road, the sunlight making patches of what was left of his red hair shine. “Ricky you can’t just let them take your case like that.”

“It’s not my case anymore Brain.” Ricky said with the wrinkles on his forehead scrunching up. “at least -I don’t want it to be.” Then Ricky looked back at him. “And get your dirty ass feet off my dashboard. You think this is your mom’s car or something?” Buggs put his feet down and watched all the corn fields pass by.

“This could be the biggest case I’ll ever see in my whole lifetime and I’m stuck here playing drag the dead animal to the side of the road.”

They reached a gravel road and Ricky stopped a few yards from the light brown clump. Ricky got out and looked at Buggs. “You coming?”

“Ge I don’t know is it really that hard to move a dead animal?”

“Get your ass outta my car, my old back an’t dragging that thing.”

Buggs sighed and hopped out, they both walked towards the dead animal. It was a dog, some kind of terrier, -but his death didn’t look like an accident. Buggs quickly began taking pictures, the dog was tied to two stakes on the gravel path, his front legs tied to one stake and his back legs to the other. “What the hell,” Ricky said and looked at Buggs.

Buggs pulled out a missing poster with a picture of the dog on it and began moving backwards to the car. “Well old man looks like we’re back on the case.” Buggs’s smile  faded as Ricky dialed their police station. He snatched Ricky keys from his pocket and spirited towards the car.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Buggs started the car and rolled down the window. “Sorry Rick, but I can’t miss this opportunity.” He turned the car around and left Ricky in the dust panting.




Published by Athena Bocock

I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

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