The Role of Women

A long time ago if someone asked me what I would want to be when I grow up I would’ve said, “I want to work with animals.” I said this with my experience with animals being only my family pets. I didn’t think that I wouldn’t like it after I experienced it. After watching a lot of dogs that weren’t well trained, nearly gagging trying to pick up vomit and walking rescue dogs that I thought were going to rip my arm out of its socket. I decided I didn’t want to work with animals, I just wanted to work with my animals.

I’ve thought about going back to college, but I don’t want a long term career -unless I can stay at home. Honestly, after going around and around with want I want to do with my life I’m still conflicted. I’ve really just wanted to be a stay at home mom and be there for my kids, but at the same time I want to make something of myself in hopes that I won’t suffer from prenatal depression or something like that.

I know I don’t want to be that business mom that doesn’t nurse her kids, takes them to daycare and hardly knows anything about their daily lives. However, I also don’t want to feel like I’m going to be trapped in a room with children for the rest of my life.

Even though the role of women is changing and we’ve been given many more opportunities will that mean we have to do everything now? Work, clean the house, cook and take care of children. If I end up having to do everything then what’s the point of having a spouse? I know in most cases that situation might be pretty unlikely, but had I stayed with the wrong people that probably would’ve happened to me. It’s not that I don’t want to do any of those things either. If I could find a way to do all of those that would amazing. 

After trying a few things I think passive income is probably going to be my answer. If I can find a way to start making the income now and only have to put a little effort into it later on in life that would be perfect. The only question is what kind of passive income do I want to have. Real estate, books, youtube videos? That I’m not completely sure about. The only thing I am sure about is that though I don’t mind having a full time job now I probably will mind having it if I have to take care of a family and do “wifey duties.”

Even though this path might not be something every women wants. If you’re planning on having a family then please weigh these decisions carefully. I had a mom that worked full time when I was in school -but still pretty much a child. If she had been able to be around me a little more she probably would’ve been more aware of some of the metal illnesses I was experiencing at the time. She only knew the surface level of my life and probably to this day never understood the reality of my feelings at the time. Thankfully, I was able to find people that were able to take the time to help me through my mental issues. However, even though this was my experience please don’t push yourself too hard for your kids. And if your family is struggling to the point where you need a full time job then I’m sure your kids will understand later in life. Just remember that how you feel matters just as much as anyone else feelings.

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One thought on “The Role of Women

  1. The role of women is a difficult topic, since every woman wants something different. I have a PhD in biomedical engineering, for instance, but I am perfectly happy being a stay-at-home mom – taking care of my two step-children and my new baby. I feel that this way I am giving them something a lot of kids don’t get because both parents are working.

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