The Secrets of the Wolves: Book Review

love books about animals, when I was little I read a lot of the Warrior Cats series. And now, after searching for a while a came across The Wolf Chronicles series. I feel in love with the main character before I had even reached page 50. I had read the first book The Promise of the Wolves last year and unfortunately I had decided not to make a review for it on my blog.

secrets of the wolvesKaala, the main character, is a wolf that just keeps on trying to do what is right despite of the crazy things that have happened to her throughout the series so far. I don’t think many people could be like her and at times I almost thought her character to be unrealistic due to her always trying to do that right thing. However, I find myself wanting to believe that being someone like her is possible. She’s not completely unrealistic in the sense that she’s never made any mistakes -but her mistakes so far seem to be very few.

Tali, Kaala’s human, is like Kaala in the sense that she wants to do the right thing. Although she makes more of a fuss when the leader of her tribe doesn’t listen to her. Based on how some of the men treat her in the story, I could honestly see myself acting out too. Kaala is a young wolf and sometimes her leaders won’t listen to her because of youth. However, they never decided not to listen to her because she was a female. 

I know it might sound strange for me to say that I like books like this a lot. It reminds me that still to this day sometimes men do things to women that isn’t fair and that even though they might not listen we still need to speak out. I’m glad a female wolf was chosen to be Tali’s wolf. Despite Kaala’s pack treating her better as a female, Kaala still might have a better understanding of what Tali might be going through. Kaala believes that Tali should be able to chose her own mate and I won’t be surprised if Kaala tried to run out of the Valley with Tali if her tribe refused to give her a choice.

I love how the theme of the book is mostly a journey Kaala has to take to find out the truth about how their ancestors wanted them to live. She has to find the lies and loopholes in the stories she’s been told when she was a pup. She has to talk to wolves she dislikes, go into the dreams of other creatures, find secrets about the great wolves and her rival packs.

Since this book is unique and since I’ve found it hard to find wolf books that dive deep into the life of what a wolf might be, I’m going to give it five stars. There’s too many wolf books that only have the perspective of a person observing them. Rarely are there books where the wolf is the main character -unless its a werewolf.


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