Do most book series die off or is it just me?

I like to read every once in a while and maybe I might feel this way because I get easily distracted. However, I’ve come to find that once I’m a few books into a series I just tend to lose interest in it. Maybe I’m just not reading the right books. I’ve read some of The Moral Instruments Series and I’ve read some of The Millennium Trilogy. 

I really liked City of Bones, but once I got to City of Lost Souls I kind of just lost interest. I feel like my heart was in it in the first few books, but I lost it once I began to read more. I kind of feel the same way with the Millennium Trilogy. Right after the first book my heart sank for Lisbeth when Mikeal went back to Erika towards the end. I read more because the first book kind of showed that Lisbeth eventually trusted Mikeal, but in a way I think he hurt her feelings in the end if I remember correctly. I kept reading to try and fill some kind of void that book had put in me, but it never felt fulfilled after reading some more of the series so I eventually just gave up. I might go back to them some day and my mind might change, but right now I’m not so sure.

I’ve liked The Lunar Chronicles and The Wolf Chronicles so far and once I finish them I’ll probably update this post.

Maybe I’ve just found some of the conflicts to be too receptive because they all limited to their own genres. I might just need a break from some of the series I’ve read before and maybe I’ll come back to and end up enjoying the end of it.

Update: I’ve finished The Wolf Chronicles without hating the ending. I mean I didn’t like the ending, but at least it wasn’t interesting enough to get through. Maybe a three book is what I’m able to handle right now. Most books series that I’ve read are usually about six books long and sometimes even thought series will have their won sequels. I’m going to try to read the next book to the Lunar Chronicles and see if I’ll still be interested after finishing it.


Do you think book series eventually just die off or have you loved every minute of it?

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5 thoughts on “Do most book series die off or is it just me?

  1. Some of them go on too long and get boring and repetitious. I know that I get tired of waiting for the “big reveal,” and promises of things that take forever to show up. I read constantly and I don’t finish a lot of series.

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