Writing Wednesday: Prompt 9

Tony slammed the door to his room, “your a sinner Tony! A sinner! Do you hear me!” His mom shouted downstairs. “You’re going to go to hell for this.” He put his headphones on his ears and sat with his back against the door. His jaw clenched on his angular face. He could hear his mom shouting faintly as he listened to Passenger. Holes was his favorite song and sometimes after his mom shouting at him, he would listen to it and cry. But this time he listened to it and no tears came. Her yelling was expected at this point and with an emotionless face he got up and grabbed his backpack. He took out his binders and papers and put in a box of granola bars and trail mix he had bought and kept in his room. He grabbed the flashlight in the drawer underneath his night stand. He clipped a small sleeping bag to his backpack. Then he reached into his closet and underneath his shoes. After lifting some of them, it revealed a small wooden chest that he placed it on his desk. He took a key that he had carefully hidden underneath a jar of pencils. Inside was a small bag of weed, a glass bowl and three thousands dollars worth of cash. He stuffed it all in his bag, then he opened up his window and waited.

When it was dark and Tony hadn’t heard the movement of his parents for a few hours, he grabbed his backpack and climbed onto the roof. The moonlight made the gel in his curly black hair shine. He used his Dad’s truck as a staircase down the roof. As he walked down the sidewalk, adrenaline pumped through his veins, Tony had tried to run away a few times, but this time he wasn’t coming back -at least he hoped. Chelsea, a girl who had been pretending to be his girlfriend, texted him that she had found a way for him to leave for good. Tony hoped her solution wasn’t staying with her, even though they had a good relationship -despite not actually being a couple- if he had to stay with her parents there might still be a chance that his parents would find him.

Tony was not willing to take that risk.

He walked out of his neighborhood and though knee high grass near the road. When car lights came up the hill, Tony dived underneath a brick mailbox as the car went by. He could hear his heart beating in his ears. Had it just been a night walk with his friends Tony wouldn’t have cared who saw them. But he worried that if someone looked at him, they might be able to sense what his intentions were. He walked into a park, past soccer fields and made it to a lake that was halfway fenced. There was a forest of trees that connected to the end of the fence and he pushed through some chicken wire to get past it. There was a dirt path that was next to lake and it curved into the forest. The path was big enough for a four wheeler to get through and Tony could feel the tire marks underneath his feet.

He walked the dirt path for a few miles, then he got out his flashlight and shined it into the forest. He walked towards a berry bush the had twine tied to its branch. Then he walked serval yards away to a tree that had the same twine tied around it. To the average  person, they probably couldn’t see the twine unless they knew they were supposed to look for it. Tony had gone down this path serval times -but never in the dark on his own.

He almost bumped into the large camp tarp that covered the small wooden building that he had made years ago with his close circle of friends. He lifted an opening in the tarp and let it slide onto his back as he opened the door to the building. The door had a window, as did two sides of the square building. But since it was constructed illegally Dave, one of Tony friends who was a senior when Tony was a freshmen, had decided to get a pretty expensive tarp and cover it. The building didn’t have the best insulation, but they had eventually installed a stove furnace and cut open part of the tarp and the roof so the smoke could come out. However, his group of friends decided only to use it when it was dark and cloudy to avoid giving away their location. This time, Tony just used his jacket to keep warm and he got out some of his weed and lit it with the lighter in his pocket.

That didn’t stop him from jumping when the door clicked open, but his shoulders relaxed when he noticed the shiny short black hair cut sharply where her hair met her face. Chelsea reached out her hand and Tony gave her the bowl. She wore torn up jeans and black hiking boots with a blue and pink pastel flannel with a black tank top underneath. Tony noticed the black choker on her neck as she let the smoke come out her mouth. Tony admired how she could always look so serious and the style of clothes she wore. “Thanks, for everything,” He said. “You don’t have to-”

“Don’t worry about it kid,” she said, and handed the bowl back to me. “You don’t deserve the shit you have to go through, you don’t owe me any favors understand?”

She was only a year older then him, but Tony didn’t really care what she called him -it couldn’t be worse than what his mom said to him. “Yeah, well there’s some things you didn’t deserve either.”

We were silent as I took in the rest of the weed left in my bowl. “Tony,” she said. I looked up at her as I threw the remains into the furnace. “The best moment of my life was when you kicked my dad’s ass for slapping my mom.”

Tried to.”

A small smile came on her face, “anyway, kid, I’ve found something important that you need to know about.”

“What is it? That my family probably going to take to me to a gay camp if they find me again,” I said. “If that’s what you’re going to tell me then I’m pretty sure you’d think I already knew that by now.”

“No,” she said her lips thin as she put her hand on her hip. Then the door clicked and someone came in and my mouth gapped open. It was like looking into a mirror, he had the same angular face and curly hair as I did.

“That crazy couple probably isn’t even your parents.”

Prompt: Write about twins who find each other.



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