Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 13

This is my life. Not a story. Not a dream. Not a ploy to get attention. This is for those who have been hurt this way. For those who don’t make the call cause they feel they even if someone is taken to prison that person they still won’t fucking change. We are not normalContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 13”


Love isn’t setting expectations, Or asking someone else to change. It moving on if you don’t like what they’re doing. Because usually they can’t be persuaded. Its doing something for them, without asking for something back.   Its getting to know them, Without prying on their phones. Its being okay, If they ask to beContinue reading “Love”

The Wolf Chronicles By Dorothy Hearst

I finally finished a three book series of a fictional story about wolves and how they came to be with humans. The book has definitely left some thought provoking questions in my mind. Such as why is there so much fear instilled in us? Is our fear of the unknown  what has encouraged to kill soContinue reading “The Wolf Chronicles By Dorothy Hearst”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 12

“I can’t believe you would lie to me like that!” Jennie’s curly black hair puffed out to the edges of her shoulders as she crossed her arms and glared at me. I closed my locker and stuffed my binders in my back pack. “Lie to you about what?” I walked toward my next class andContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 12”


I used to think that being in America I would have the freedom to do what I want -but now I realize that’s not the case. For people that relay on their jobs to keep the bills paid not only is their less time for them to do what they want, but in some casesContinue reading “Freedom”