Writing Wednesday: Prompt 11

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter.

My name is Peter, Peter Hayes and I’m slowly losing control of my own body and possibly my memories.

They hover above me injecting god knows what into my body. They all wear googles and face masks, but I think they only really wear those so I won’t recognize them that well. The back of my neck hurts from them cutting into it, they said they inserted some kind of chip into my neck. However, during that time I pretended to be asleep. A few days ago a military man came in with what appeared to be an iPad -but I came to realize it did a lot more than an iPad could. With the device he began controlling my hands as they remained restrained on the metal table I laid on.

Today, I’m walking outside of the lab for the first time in months. They think I’m gone and I’m trying give them every reason to think that way. Today, a walk out onto the city streets in normal clothes as if nothing had ever happened -accept I have no control over my body.

Prompt: Write about one of your biggest fears.

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