A Book that I Couldn’t Finish

This week I tried to read a book called The Eighty-Dollar Champion by Elizbeth Letts. I got to page 137 before I decided I just couldn’t read it anymore. I am grateful Harry tried to save Snowman from slaughter and I get that in the great depression horses were still being used to help people earn aContinue reading “A Book that I Couldn’t Finish”


At first, finding the motivation to write constantly was hard. I found myself to be too busy, too tired, or I just didn’t feel like it. I didn’t know what to do to get that push that I needed. Now its gotten easier, I have been posting weekly, reading other posts I find interesting and writing onContinue reading “Motivation”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 17

I trimmed the roses of the vines twisting to on black metal structures that were just as beautiful as the flowers. I was careful to make sure the thorns never pricked my skin. The sun beamed down on me as I walked the stone path back into my house. The strawberries grew well under theContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 17”

Winter: Book Review

I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished The Lunar Chronicles series. I understand that there are other stories like The Fairest and Stars Above. However, the main story was fit into the first four books so I will say that I’m finished with the series -for now. I’m happy to meet the newest member of Cinder’s rebel crew: Winter. When theContinue reading “Winter: Book Review”


My family has used fear to control me for quite some time. I must fear God and not question anything he says. I must remain dependent on them for another decade because I’m not making enough money even though I’ve gotten a better job that could sustain me. What they have taught has me made feel likeContinue reading “Fear”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 16

We sat in the corner of our classroom, our teacher, Miss George, was giving us a lecture on history that made me want to fall asleep. It was hard, watching her lips move while I wrote stuff down without looking at it, but I’ve gotten better at it. The students in front of me askedContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 16”