February Reflection: Getting Better

Can I just say that I love my new life! I’ve finally found a nice job where I can get up at seven every day and just write for an hour before going to work and wow has that helped my blog so much! It has also given me down time where I can look through what everyone else is up too and I think everyone one here has a lot of writing potential and I’m looking forward to whatever comes next.

I am happy to say that I’ve been able to do more than just post on Wednesdays, review a book and write a reflection. And I am so happy just to get one view on my posts. With this blogosphere being so big I feel so insignificant and I feel that a lot of you are doing so much better than me. However, your success has helped me to grow and I feel like the least I can do is thank you for it. Thank you for writing on here so that wordpress becomes more of a success because it encourages other people to do the same and grow with you.

For the longest time I felt like this could never happen. I felt like I could never write enough to grow this blog, but I have! And I’m excited to see what other things I can do with it. It’s not perfect, but I’m hoping I can make it better.

In March this is what I will try to do:

Continue writing Wednesday’s and motivational Mondays

Write whatever I feel like for Friday -because you know its Friday and I don’t want to force myself to write something I don’t want to write

Have poems on Sunday


Another thing I want to do is reblog other bloggers posts, but I was wondering if reblogs can be scheduled like other posts? If anyone knows the answers to this please let me know, I would be very grateful.


Happy blogging. 🙂

Published by Athena Bocock

I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

One thought on “February Reflection: Getting Better

  1. It sounds like your new job has opened up some wonderful time for creativity. That’s awesome, Athena. To answer your question, I don’t believe reblogs can be scheduled (though someone might have figured it out). You can use “Press This” to save a blogger’s post as a draft. Then you can go into your drafts and schedule it there. It requires a little more work to make it attractive but it is a handy option. Hope that helps!

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