My Top 3 Favorite Webtoons Comics

I’ve recently been looking into this app called webtoons that allows artists to create digital comics that work smoothly with tablets and iPhones. My life has changed since I’ve come across this, the only paper comic I finished was V for Vendetta and after reading it I wanted to read more comics, but some of them were a bit pricey and too big and awkward to really put anywhere in my house. With webtoons, reading the comics are free and I don’t have to worry about were to put them. After spending quite a bit of time reading through some of the comics on their app I’ve found three favorite so far.


3) The Adventures of God

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.24.40 AMThis comic is a funny series of strips that’s kind of like family guy in a way. They take Biblical stories and modern day elements to create their comic. Please note that the adventures of god isn’t really meant to be offensive towards athethists or believers. This comic has two creators -one is catholic, the other is athethist.

I love it because God, Jesus, and Satin are everything I think they would be as modern day people. Satin loving cats, Jesus smoking weed etc.

Now I haven’t read all of this comic -because there’s a lot of strips and its probably a good hour or so worth of reading. I haven’t read though it all the way because sometimes whenever I feel really philosophical I just don’t want to read into it. And like I’ve before reading this comic is watching Family Guy, Bojack Horsemen and other shows similar to that, so its kind of repetitive.

2) I love Yoo

Yoo is a young woman who lives with her dad who has been struggling to keep the bills paid ever since her mother left with her sister. Yoo is an amazing young lady who keeps her morals even during tough situations. I love the struggle Yoo faces -wanting to make it on her own without asking for her friends help. I also love how some of her friends have to face their controlling rich parents.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.25.38 AMYoo is also a relatable character to me, having to work while she’s in school to keep the bills paid. I did work during half my high school years and through college. However, I’m lucky that my family is financially stable so I don’t have to worry about the bills being paid. Another thing about her that I can relate to is her sense of etiquette. When she starts working for a friend’s company she soon learns that she has almost no understanding of how to be professional -as do I. So as Yoo finds her sense of etiquette I will be finding my own once I start my new job.

1) Lore Olympus

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.28.04 AMI love this comic so much that I’ve found myself going back and looking at the ones I’ve already read. I love the watercolor feel to the comic as well as the simpltic colors the artist gives her charters that match them well.

I check every Sunday for the next strip wondering if its going to make my heart drop or give me hope for humanity. I think Kore and Hades are super cute and I might end up trying to draw them in my stechbook because I absulotly adore the style the artists has chosen.

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.29.26 AMSince my parents have named me Athena, I am pretty informed on stories in greek mythology and I think this is one of the best stories I’ve seen so far. I love how the artist takes that era and blends it in with the modern world. I love the struggle Kore goes through and how despite the bad things that have happened to her she is still able to remain strong.

I love the layers in this story, I’ve found in a lot of these comics there usually isn’t a lot of characters and for this story to have this many characters with so much depth. Wow! Its just mind blowing how smoothly the artist was able to make this story.


Have you ever used webtoons before? I you have what comics have you enjoyed the most?



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