Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 14

It was a gloomy afternoon as my windshield wipers squeaked. Rain pattered softly onto my car and I parked on the one lane asphalt path. I grabbed my flowers and my umbrella and opened the door. I wore a long sleeved button up shirt that I had worn to work. I tried to stay away from the puddles, but my shoes still got muddy as I made my way to the granite tombstone. There was a worn path to it -I would come once every week to replace the same yellow tulips. The rain started to hit at a diagonal, hiding the tear the went down my face.

Her grave wasn’t to far from the street and I went numb as I watched kids get off the school bus. Kids her age, kids she could be playing with if this had never happened. I took the old flowers and set the new ones next to her grave. Then I put my hand onto the stone and leaned my head into it. “Sweetheart, daddy’s gonna fix this okay? I love you.” I went back down the muddy path and into my car. I set the old flowers and the umbrella on the floor of the passenger seat. I got put on my leather jacket and reached in its pocket to grab the key to my glove compartment. I unlocked it and took out a pistol and put on the inside pocket of my jacket.

Then I drove off.

Prompt: Write about the death of a main character’s loved one and how they dealt with it.

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