Scarlet By Marrisa Meyer: Book Review

Screen Shot 2019-03-04 at 7.38.47 PMI finally finished the second book of The Lunar Chronicles series and I must say I still love the suspense. And the manipulation the lunars use on the humans -a gift that isn’t reserved for the queen herself. As well as the newfound creatures that are perceived as nothing, but beasts to most. I am thrilled to read the lives of the new main characters introduced in this book: Scarlet, Thorne and Wolf.

I’ve found myself relating to Cinder in a lot of ways. When she’s trying to do something, Thorne always seems to find a way to try and flirt with her. While he doesn’t do it in a disrespectful way I can understand why at times Cinder might find him to be a nuisance. Although every once in a while, I find him to be a good comic relief since the book is filled with politics, drama, and manipulation. I also find Iko’s personality to compliment his.

When Scarlet was introduced, I don’t think I was a fan of what she looked like. I feel like a lot of writers always make the red heads the impulsive, angry character and I hoped for something a little more unique. And to me red just doesn’t go good on red, maybe that’s just me, but in my opinion it’s not something I find aesthetically pleasing. However, in some ways its fitting because I believe if a character ever said that to her, she would probably tell them to fuck off.

Spoilers coming up!


Wolf I found to be one of the most interesting characters. Especially since is story line didn’t turn out to be like the big bad wolf -but more like beauty and the beast. Despite Wolf’s will to try and do what is right -even in a society where he surrounded by humans that were mutated like him. He still believes he’s a danger to society and rightfully so. All it takes a Thumrage and all of Wolf’s will is gone. I find myself wanting to give wolf a pep talk as Scarlet does when he believes that he is nothing, but a blood thirsty animal that just wants to kill. She reminds him that their mind games are not his fault, but theirs. 

I read the short story The Queens Army, as soon as I finished reading Scarlett. And after noticing Wolf’s defiance of some of the Queen’s most loyal people I wonder how they will select alphas once they notice Wolf’s rebellion -that is, if they even get that chance.

The more I read this, the more I’m reminded of religion and other things society tries to brainwash us into doing. I thought about this more when I read the short story and the author described what it was like for Wolf to be mind controlled. How he had to pretty much scream at himself in his mind just to stop the thoughts of his thumrage from controlling him.

Now, I’m excited to see the other monsters that the Queen has in store for earth. And more importantly -what Wolf could’ve ended up being.




I’m going to give this book four flowers because the suspense is still there even once I got to the end of the second book. And I know how hard that can be when a writer is trying to add more to a story. I like how the charters have developed unique relationships between each other. I think in some ways there romantic relationships are different too. However, in some ways they are both similar because neither Cinder or Wolf believe their potential partners with love them for who they are. The story line is still good, but allowing the romantic relationships to have their own unique struggles could turn out to be pretty interesting. Since I find these details to be minor and they don’t really take away from the book, I wouldn’t take off flowers for it. And as long it doesn’t remain continuous I won’t deduct flowers off of the series.


Have you read this book? If you have then who has been your favorite character so far? Let me know in the comments below!


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    1. To be honest, I bought the first book a long time ago. I never picked it up because I thought with the fairy tales it would be too mushy. However, I ended up liking it a lot more than I thought.

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