Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 15

blogwwI sat in my rocking chair, reading with my wolf dog sitting under my feet. Our cabin was filled with ‘decorations’ of animal head and antlers -something my husband wanted to do. I had a steady fire going, the only light that allowed me to read. My long curly bond hair was going grey. My daughters lived in the village and my son had built a cabin of his own not far from us. Dry herbs hung of over the kitchen, the table still had carrots and potatoes I had been cutting up only a few hours ago. I got up and grabbed a wooden spoon to stir the stew I had hanging just a few inches above the fire. Then there was a knock on the door Blackmoon, my wolf dog began to growl. I was about to answer when I heard the door creak open. Who just lets themselves in? I grabbed the shot gun from above the fireplace and waited. Heavy steps creaked on the floor boards until I saw him.

His long black beard was turning grey and he held his side, where his clothing had gone dark red. “Its been a while,” he said smiling at me. When his smile made large bumps on his cheeks I knew who it was.

“Jesus Randy! Looks like you’ve already got one wound and I was about to give ya another one,” I said. “And what are you doing back here anyway, I thought I told ya you wasn’t allowed here.”

“I’m a different man now than I was in my younger years,” he said. “I know your husband made sure no body took too many animals at once and now that he’s dead, I figured I’d do the same.”

I waved him over to me, “let me see.” He sat on a wooden chair in the kitchen while I cleaned his wound and him gave him some new bandages and clothes. I offered him some stew and we ate together.

“How you get that?” I asked once I finished eating.

“Stan’s always been after them spotted bears. When your husband died, he thought that he could take however many he wanted since no one else in the village defended them.” He continued, “I tracked him as he track the bear and when he was about to shot’em, I screamed at the top of my lungs and the bear ran away.” He gave me a wide grin, “Stan got so mad that he began searching for me and shot me in my side.”

“Good thing it went right through ya,” I said. “If you wanna protect them animals you can’t be as reckless. Here let me show you.” I gave him a journal my husband had, Randy stayed the night and before he left he said something to me I’d never forget.

Randy tried to pet Blackmoon and she just growled at him and then he looked over at me. “I know I killed Blackmoon’s family, but back then I was just a youngster that wanted to show off. I first, I didn’t understand why you were mad at me, but now I do,” he paused. “if we kill recklessly we may never get to see what other things these animals can do for us. I know I can’t undo what I’ve done, but I can use my story to prevent others from doing what I did.”

“Thank you,” I said. We waved good-bye and Randy went on his way.


Prompt: Write about a past voice.

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