Why avocados and melons are still vegan

With the vegan diet becoming more and more of a trend there as been a change in its definition. However, I’m going to agree that the old one should stay. Google defines a vegan as someone who doesn’t eat animal products. To some vegans this might be true, however, most vegans find veganism to be much more than that. And they would probably define it as:

“A lifestyle, in which one tries to be ethical, resourceful and healthy. A lifestyle that doesn’t encourage animal abuse and tries to keep the planet -and themselves- healthy.”

I think the way google defines is just way to broad which obviously can leave room for errors. Which is why some people will get on the, ‘avocados aren’t vegan,’ band wagon. It aggravates me because this should never be a reason to steer someone way from this lifestyle. And here are some reasons why:


1) Just because google defines that way doesn’t mean everyone defines it that way

do not define veganism the way that google does. Not only is the definition too broad, but it doesn’t give the real concept of what veganism means to people. And it reaches more than just food. Vegans also try to be eco- friendly in others ways. Like using cloth bags for grocies instead of plastic ones, using eco friendly toothbrushes etc.

2) Veganism is more about not harming the environment and animals

So apparently the point of this argument is that since bees pollenate avocados and melons it is a product of animals and therefore not vegan. While that would be true if you used google definition of veganism. However, most vegans I would say do not use it. They have a definition similar to my own.

3) We only use google’s definition to try and help people understand what veganism is

The google definition is a basic and broad understanding of what veganism is and the only time we might use it is to help people understand the basic idea of the lifestyle. However, even though we use it for others that still does not mean the google definition reaches the bigger concept of what it means.

Stop giving people false information of what veganism is. Allowing bees to pollenate avocados and melons etc. does not automatically make it not vegan. If you believe this you don’t have the bigger concept of what it means to live this lifestyle. 

Published by Athena Bocock

I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

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