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I’ve finished the third book of The Lunar Chronicles Series and in some ways I’m still interested, but in some ways I’m not. I’m happy to met the new characters introduced in this book: Cress and Jacin.

In some ways Cress has reminded me of myself at one point. Naive and willing to believe in people that I probably shouldn’t have invested into. It’s nice to have a mix of personalities in Cinder’s group of rebels. Cinder, Scarlett and even Iko are all strong willed woman ready to fight. Cress, however, is different, she gets too scared to fight whenever fighting starts. She is an intelligent hacker -but her emotions get the best of her whenever she has to fight back.

Jacin seems mysterious -even towards the end. He seems to be the only person other than the Dr. Erland to questions Cinder’s plans and for good reason. What happens to earth and luna rest on Cinder’s shoulders and she needs all the help she can get. I like that unlike the others -Jacin isn’t exactly fighting for Cinder.


I found Cress and Thorne’s relationship to be quite fitting. Thorne, a man that tries to charm women -yet warns Cress about who he believes he really is. Cress, a lonely girl trapped in a satellite having only contact with one person. Spending years learning about earth and stalking people on it because it was all is was allowed to do. Just hoping one day her life would be bigger than the prison she had created for herself.

Their relationship made sense to me, but when Cress saw Thorne with the android escort, my heart broke for her. I don’t think I would’ve been hoping Thorne would rescue her afterwards, but then again I don’t know what its like to have such little contact with people.

With Thorne having to be sentimental, it appears that now Iko has taken on the comic relief and I kind of like it. I think it’s funny that when they’re in a life or death situation she still manages to think of the most trivial stuff. I think it suits her well because despite her being human like, I don’t think she can feel psychical pain and that may not make her life seem that risky.

I used to like Kai and Cinder’s relationship, but I feel like once they kidnapped him it just went too fast. Kai suddenly realizes he’s on a spaceship with a bunch of people he doesn’t know and minutes later decides that he wants to be super mushy with Cinder. Why? I don’t think I would believe in Cinder’s cause if I were him until I got some kind of proof about it. I don’t think I’d consider a relationship with her until I was shown what they were trying to do. At that point, he had no idea if she could’ve been working for someone else or what happened to his advisor other than what Cinder claimed. To me, their relationship just seems too rushed and I feel like in this book their relationship really just lost its magic.

I’m kind of glad that Dr. Erland and Jacin were left behind. In some ways I felt like the story was just becoming too perfect. Now, almost everyone is in a relationship which I kind of find weird because they’re in the middle of a war, but I guess all of them need it for emotional support or something. If I were in a situation like that I’d like to think I just focus on the job, but then again it’s never happened to me.

My Review


I’ll only give this book three flowers this time. I liked how all the characters are starting to show more of their personalties and there relationships are starting to become more diverse. However, the relationship between Kai and Cinder is what really pulled me into this story and now its seems like it kind of died.

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