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I’m excited to announce that I’ve finally finished The Lunar Chronicles series. I understand that there are other stories like The Fairest and Stars Above. However, the main story was fit into the first four books so I will say that I’m finished with the series -for now. I’m happy to meet the newest member of Cinder’s rebel crew: Winter.

When the book first introduced her, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Winter seemed like a mystery to me at first -I wasn’t really sure what her intentions were. However, Winter grew to be probably one of the most innocent characters in the story. In some ways I grew impatient with her -she has so much power that she could use for good, but she just didn’t. Then after watching her character develop more, I grew more of a soft spot for her. From what I remember, Winter is still just a teenager. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone and it seems every time something bad happens, she blames herself even if she didn’t do anything.



This book kind of reminded me of Lord of the Rings in a way. Cinder has gathered all these people to fight for a cause and they build strong relationships, fighting Levana and having funning along the way. I’m pretty just about every person on the crew has been rescued at least once. Which is something that I think, would make their relationships grow stronger.

And then they all split up.

I mean the book did foreshadow it happening, I just didn’t expect them to go there serrate ways so soon. I mean, I understand that they will we reunite and everything, but within a week after everyones recovered they leave Cinder alone in the palace. I feel like in some ways the book was wrapped up too soon. What if an angry aristocrat tried to kill Cinder and claim the throne for him or herself so he or she didn’t have to work and they could continue to have earthen slaves. I understand the most of the labors would side with Cinder, -but many of them probably died in the first battle and the acritocrats probably have plenty of resources. They even let their own children torture Scarlett so who’s to say the prejudice the upper class lunars have is just going to fade right away.

And what about the wolf soldiers too. What if the torture Levena has put them through drives them to find their own sort of malicious intentions. I get that the books were based off fairy tales, but I don’t think all of their big conflicts suddenly ended there. Levena did raise her army after all -and sometimes that apple doesn’t fall far from the tree even if they’ve heard Cinder’s heroic speeches.

I don’t think Cinder should have been left on her own, the only loyal allies she has with her after Levena’s death are Iko and a guard that decided to kill a guard loyal to Levena while Levena was alive. I think Throne and Cress were the only ones that should’ve left to get the antidote to people. I think everyone else should’ve stayed a while to make sure there were no issues -just because Cinder became Queen at the end doesn’t mean every single person she governs likes it.

The thumarages especially make me cautious, they spent the whole time following Levena orders and now suddenly they’re loyal to Cinder? No, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I think anyone holding that kind of power for a long time wouldn’t want it stripped away -especially since some lunars will still be born with it and who knows what that could mean.

My Rating

I’m going to this book four flowers because it met my expectations. Despite the book ending to quickly -in my opinion- it still had a satisfying ending.



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