The Lunar Chronicles Series: An Overall Review


Overall, the Lunar Chronicles series gave me a story that I had expected. A fairy tale story where the main characters work through all their conflicts and they all live happily ever after. However, in some ways the ending was bittersweet. They all made it out okay, but at the same time it seemed like their big adventure was coming to an end.

Even through it seemed like this, I still find that extremely unlikely. By the end of the book humans and lunars had witnessed huge changes happening throughout the world. Some of the beasts are still on the loose and who’s to say that one pack won’t try to find a way to get there lunar gift back and create a dictatorship on earth? Whose to say that every thrumrage and aristocrat is going to be completely okay with whatever Cinder tells them to do.?

I loved this series and although the author might me done writing this story – I still want to be believe that the adventure is not over.

At least in my mind.


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