To be Independent

I wish not be scared, Holding my mothers hand. I wish not to live in fear, Too afraid to do anything for myself because I don’t want mess up. I wish to like an untainted child, Roaming the world without fear , Laughing at my mistakes. I wish to be independent, Aware of the risksContinue reading “To be Independent”

Cress By Marissa Meyer Review

I’ve finished the third book of The Lunar Chronicles Series and in some ways I’m still interested, but in some ways I’m not. I’m happy to met the new characters introduced in this book: Cress and Jacin. In some ways Cress has reminded me of myself at one point. Naive and willing to believe in peopleContinue reading “Cress By Marissa Meyer Review”

Why avocados and melons are still vegan

With the vegan diet becoming more and more of a trend there as been a change in its definition. However, I’m going to agree that the old one should stay. Google defines a vegan as someone who doesn’t eat animal products. To some vegans this might be true, however, most vegans find veganism to be muchContinue reading “Why avocados and melons are still vegan”

Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 15

I sat in my rocking chair, reading with my wolf dog sitting under my feet. Our cabin was filled with ‘decorations’ of animal head and antlers -something my husband wanted to do. I had a steady fire going, the only light that allowed me to read. My long curly bond hair was going grey. MyContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 15”

Scarlet By Marrisa Meyer: Book Review

I finally finished the second book of The Lunar Chronicles series and I must say I still love the suspense. And the manipulation the lunars use on the humans -a gift that isn’t reserved for the queen herself. As well as the newfound creatures that are perceived as nothing, but beasts to most. I am thrilled toContinue reading “Scarlet By Marrisa Meyer: Book Review”

Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 14

It was a gloomy afternoon as my windshield wipers squeaked. Rain pattered softly onto my car and I parked on the one lane asphalt path. I grabbed my flowers and my umbrella and opened the door. I wore a long sleeved button up shirt that I had worn to work. I tried to stay awayContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompt 14”

New Beginnings

Every day we fail. Whether it be with something we did and messed up, Or something we didn’t do. But new beginnings will come and go, Just like the rain or snow. And as spring comes along I hope you know, New beginnings can come with or without the snow.

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