Tuesday Questions: What does love mean to you?

When I went to church I believed God was love -but now my ideas have changed drastcily. Now, I see that God in the religion I was in, was supposed to be some kind of symbol of love. I spent countless years praying to this God, looking for this God -now I think its better that IContinue reading “Tuesday Questions: What does love mean to you?”


Some of us never want to admit, That we’ve struggled. Even after children that have tugged us on our sleeves and asked, ‘Is it really that easy?’ And we say, ‘yes,’ so we don’t crush them, And we let them live a fake life -a dream. Where they can do whatever they want , AndContinue reading “Fake”

What Makes a Good Book?

As I’ve been reading, I’ve been trying to analyze what I’ve been reading as well. What about this book keeps me wanting to read more? What helps books continue on into a series that people will want to finish? After thinking about some of the books I’ve read so far, I’ve come with a listContinue reading “What Makes a Good Book?”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 21

I hid my disgust as the riders talked about their show jumping competitions. Cindy, one of the riders, believed she was one of the best. She had three pure bred dutch warmbloods imported from Europe. The past week she never stopped talking about how one of horses had arthritis at fifteen years olds -but thatContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 21”

What was your favorite book that you had to read for school?

I’ve finished High School in 2017, so my memory of reading my favorite book I had to read at school might be a little faded. I liked Farheninet 451 quite a bit, I remember reading it in my first year of High School. I was livid when I found out the book itself had beContinue reading “What was your favorite book that you had to read for school?”


Sitting at my desk, Is the word believe. Daring me to take on my ambitions, But I’m not sure I can bare, To be put through it. After all, Doing nothing would mean sitting comfortably on my bed, Watching time pass by. But if I do nothing then eventually, I might have to serve aContinue reading “Believe”

Sometimes life’s hard

Sometimes I compare myself to others and wishing I already had what they had. Its hard to watch my dad work 80 hours a week while other people have way better jobs -and some don’t need jobs at all. It’s hard to see rich people express just how big they finances are while their utilizing productsContinue reading “Sometimes life’s hard”

Learning to Meditate

I’ve looked into mediation before and I’ve never really started doing it until now. So far, I’ve worked up to about ten to five minutes a day, but even just that amount has helped me to clear some of my thoughts of day -at least for a small amount of time. There is so muchContinue reading “Learning to Meditate”

Going Gluten Free?

I used to be on a super restrictive vegan diet that helped a lot with my menstrual cramps. For the longest time, I thought it was just fat and animal products that made my period worse, but after being less restrictive I still found my period to be just as painful. For a while, IContinue reading “Going Gluten Free?”

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