How I Got Better at Book Reviews

I’ll will admit, I’m still not really consistent with how I write my books reviews. It’s taken time and quite a bit of writing to discover what it means to write a book review. I first started out writing book reviews just talking about the genre and who I recommended the book to. I didn’t really get any deeper than that. Now that I look back on what I’ve written, I’ve kind of cringed at it.

Now I’ve made a rating system -and recently I’ve been reminding myself to use it. I’ve been discussing what I like about the characters, and the struggles they might face. I do have spoilers in my reviews, but in a way I think its a good thing because I think a lot of bloggers have probably read a lot of books ahead of time while I’m still reading it. In some ways, I kind of think spoilers encourage others to read a book -but that probably depends on the book. When I was younger my friends where talking about The Warriors Cats and they did give away some parts of it, but I read it anyway and I loved it. And to be honest, some people might want to know what happens depending on their mood. If I’m already feeling lonely and having a bad day I don’t want to read a book where all my favorite characters die.

This is the new structure for my upcoming book reviews. However, this also might change as I learn how to dive even deeper into books. Maybe learning how to discuss the writing style of a book, how reading the book impacts us etc.

Have you seen yourself grow as a book reviewer? Let me know in the comments below!

And happy blogging! 🙂

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I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

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