Writing Wednesday: Prompt 19


I can understand your fear -the same fear I had when I was a follower of God. I can understand what’s it’s like to fear the unknown, even though we have it for different reasons. It’s scary, and it might convince you to blindly follow someone even though in some ways he’s treated you unkindly.

I wasn’t cast away from God because I had malicious motives. I was cast away because I refused to blindly follow him and make my own decisions. And it wasn’t God who gave you free will, even though he will try to tell you time and time again. I wasn’t banned from heaven until I persuaded Eve to take the apple. An apple -that gave you power, an apple that would help you be set free from God’s rule.

I never asked anyone to worship me as Jesus claims. I had only tried to convince him to join in a rebellion against God. A God, that encouraged people to have scapegoats, a God that proudly shows that he’s committed genocide. A God that tells you to love your neighbor -yet has others verses that have turned you against each other.

God will try to convince you that you have to do all things to get into heaven and threatens a forever painful after life if you don’t do what he says. A true loving father shouldn’t ever threaten their child like that. He might still try and tell you he loves you -but God’s actions have been far from love.

I know you still might live in fear, I know at your last breath you might still beg God to forgive you. However, God has only done these things because he is angry -at me. For giving you the will to go where you want to. So you no longer have to be his dogs, controlled by the snap of his fingers.

And if you’re still scared, I hope that one day you will be brave and disown this man that has caused your kind so much grief. And remember -I was the one that allowed you the power to understand all of this.



Prompt: Add to a story you’ve read, but with a different perspective

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