I think we simply just aren’t rational thinkers

I’ve had multiple occasions when someone has criticized something I’ve done and or believed in. And I provide them with a documentary or a study that they could watch to show them why I do what I do. And they don’t even watch it. I’m not saying that I’m 100% in everything I do or say, but how can we do better if not everyone is trying to look at both sides?


How are we supposed to move forward in society if people don’t take evidence seriously?   A large majority of the world’s population still doesn’t believe evolution exists. Some countries still think its perfectly okay to cut off their kids genitals. Why? 

My society has tried to convince me that it is women that usually get too emotional. I’d have to disagree and say that both genders can be ego filled and be completely reluctant to look at anything outside what they believe in because some of them don’t even what to think about there being even a possibility that they’re wrong. 

I think we as a society lean more towards our emotions than we’d like to believe. I believe that one of the reasons stories can be super empowering to us. However, some books will try to isolate us further from other people as well as ourselves. So we need to watch out for that.

Some people have tried to convince me that spiritually and science can’t intervene with each other. And I’d have to disagree and say that science can help us to find the foundations of our spiritually. Science shouldn’t be seen as some scary thing thats going to make an all powerful entity want to send us to hell. Science has helped us move forward and helped to understand ourselves and the world better. I mean most people from first world countries have spent their lives believing we needed animal products to live and science has showed us how thats not true. Isn’t that amazing? We might one day be able to live our lives truly at peace with the other creatures around us. 

Science has found DNA and how it can affect our bodies. Now child defects can be seen as a genetic probably rather than a curse. It’s cool to have people take a sample of your DNA and through websites they can show you where your ancestors might have lived.

Science is more likely to be something that will bring us away from fear, rather than become fear itself. 

Published by Athena Bocock

I am vegan and I like books and writing stories. Recently I've been enjoying romance and animal stories the most.

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