Its hard to follow through with something, after looking back at all the mistakes I’ve made. However, I’m beginning to learn to set realistic expectations for myself to make things easy to follow through with. I hate to say that this blog may never become my top priority. I’ve come to realize that not manyContinue reading “Patience”

I think we simply just aren’t rational thinkers

I’ve had multiple occasions when someone has criticized something I’ve done and or believed in. And I provide them with a documentary or a study that they could watch to show them why I do what I do. And they don’t even watch it. I’m not saying that I’m 100% in everything I do or say, but how canContinue reading “I think we simply just aren’t rational thinkers”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 20

It seems no one cared what we did to earth until some of us began moving away from it on spaceships. The rich, the people who built this mess in the first place -and they’re the only ones that can afford to leave. I hold my sister’s hand as we walk through the ruble inContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 20”

Let’s Redefine What it Means to Love

Sometimes the word is thrown out carelessly, while others only use it for significant moments in their lives. Others believe their God is the symbol of love -which I will get to in a second. But before I define what love is first we have to know who we are. And we are lairs. If you’veContinue reading “Let’s Redefine What it Means to Love”

What is you favorite short story?

I’ve become more and more accustomed to short stories. While I don’t mind reading a rather large novel I do like to take a break from it and just read something simple. My favorite short story would have to be The Story Your Life by Ted Chiang. Its one of the only stories I’ve seen written inContinue reading “What is you favorite short story?”


Days comes when we wish we could be someone, That we may never be. Yet has this person ever really been truly seen? With all of us filled up with our own abnormalities, Never to be truly ridden of it. I don’t think normal, Is something that could ever fully be seen.

Scared To Spend

For the longest time, I would save every penny I was given. Birthday money, Christmas money, pet sitting, work money etc. I kept telling myself, I need to have emergency money -so I kept saving. Now I’m at a point where I could probably get away with spending more. However, the habit to save isContinue reading “Scared To Spend”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 19

I can understand your fear -the same fear I had when I was a follower of God. I can understand what’s it’s like to fear the unknown, even though we have it for different reasons. It’s scary, and it might convince you to blindly follow someone even though in some ways he’s treated you unkindly.Continue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 19”

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