Things aren’t always perfect

In some ways I never realized just how much I’ve been pulling myself backward. I can’t believe I’ve expected myself to get something right the first time, while countless others who have made something of themselves will tell me time and time again that it wasn’t easy -at all. If you want something you haveContinue reading “Things aren’t always perfect”


As I live in this world there are times, When I feel your love so close to me, It burns underneath my skin, And vibrates within my body.   But then their are times, When I feel there is a wall of ice. Separating me from you, With my own idea of what you should be,Continue reading “Isolated”

A Writer

I used to think a writer is someone I could never become. But I realized writing doesn’t mean That everyone has to love it. There have been times when I really really hated it. I despised my work and thought about giving up. But I haven’t. There are times when I thought my writing wouldContinue reading “A Writer”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 24

There once was a girl, who lived in a nice house with a nice family and nice community. Every person in that community had to work hard every day accept Sunday. The girls wore plain dresses and sewed their own clothes. They only wore hair styles that their community approved of  -sometimes one of theContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 24”

Tuesday Questions: What does wisdom mean to you?

I’ve heard the word wisdom in the bible being used too many times, and I couldn’t help but cringe. To have good judgement, you have to have good knowledge -and knowledge comes with asking questions not by listening to a God who tell you specifically not to question him. To have good judgement, you have to be willing toContinue reading “Tuesday Questions: What does wisdom mean to you?”


Improvement is like a roller coaster. Sometimes your up high, And sometimes you back to your same old patterns. Is it even possible to turn life in a a roller coater that keeps going up? I don’t think it would be linear. Life would is too full of hills, Deep, steep, depressing, unfulfilling dips. But thenContinue reading “Better”

Dairy: Why Even Bother?

    For a while I accepted a culture that used dairy. In its bakeries, drinks, and processed foods. However, after watching several documentaries, viewing statics, and gathering information from multiple sources. I’ve realized that dairy does a lot more harm than good and after some people claimed that it was a health food IContinue reading “Dairy: Why Even Bother?”

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