Writing Wednesday Prompt 23


I’m sitting at the teller station, playing on my phone. It’s a slow day and customers come in every half hour or so. The clock reads 3:47 PM, about an hour left before we get to balance and leave. The counter tops and wood that divide the teller stations are new. I can hear clients open in close the door and watch their feet clomp against a green tile thats lays underneath a countertop where they can write their deposit and loan payment slips.

I do a deposit for one of our customers that comes in a the time. She is a nice lady with short white curly hair and wrinkles on her hands and face. After she leaves, I spot a man with a bald head and glasses. His face looks mad bad by default, but I still smile and ask, “hi, what can I do for you today?” Its something I ask everyone, but instead of giving me a withdraw or despite slip he gives me a post it note that says:

Give me all the money in your drawer and none of any of that fake money.

Have a nice day 🙂

Have a nice day? I thought as I get my bait money out and give it to him -they’re usually in too much of a hurry to notice. I can here my blood pumping as I turn on the alarm to let the police know we’ve been robbed. I can’t picture why robbing a bank would ever be worth it -and more importantly why take away the money someone else has worked so hard for? He runs into one of customers as he goes out the door and I’m hoping with every part of my body that she was paying attention to detail.

It wasn’t until afterwards I learned this man was more than just a bank robber.


Prompt: Write about a bank robbery

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