Writing Wednesday: Prompt 24


There once was a girl, who lived in a nice house with a nice family and nice community. Every person in that community had to work hard every day accept Sunday. The girls wore plain dresses and sewed their own clothes. They only wore hair styles that their community approved of  -sometimes one of the girls objected, but soon she got over it.

The girl was happy to play with her friends and gossip after they finished what they needed to do for the day. The boys worked outside while the girls did chores in the house.  Her parents were nice, her minsters were nice and she and her siblings hardly ever fought.

Then one day, as she was talking to her friends, the lead minster’s shadow covered her body. Her body shrank as he told her she would soon be married, when she said who she wanted to be married to, the minster said he had a different man in mind.

It felt like her happy world soon began to crumble underneath her. She had lived her life without a single outburst. She would wear whatever hairstyle they wanted, she didn’t complain about chores when the days were long. Surely, she thought that such great obedience and loyalty would be rewarded.

But it wasn’t.

Over the next few days, she learned the man she would be married to was much older than her. She cringed at the thought and wondered where she had gone wrong. When she was alone she began to cry and the boy she liked found her and asked her why she was crying. Thin straight lips looked at her as she explained who she would be married to. Then a smile.

“Do you want to do something I don’t think anyone in this community has ever done before?”

His question was answered with a confused look, but when he looked at the fence and back at her she smiled and nodded. His arms lifted her up and over the fence with a rationalization that neither of them were able to acknowledge yet. And together they went underneath the setting sun on the lookout for what their community called, ‘outsiders.’ They had walked for so long that their feet hurt and their shoes as well as the rim of the girl’s dress was caked in dirt. Little did they know that within the next day they would find a house whose door would be opened by a kind old lady.

And together they would ask, “can you help us?”


Prompt: write about characters who no longer want to be controlled


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