Writing Wednesday Prompt 23

I’m sitting at the teller station, playing on my phone. It’s a slow day and customers come in every half hour or so. The clock reads 3:47 PM, about an hour left before we get to balance and leave. The counter tops and wood that divide the teller stations are new. I can hear clientsContinue reading “Writing Wednesday Prompt 23”

Tuesday Questions: Is hatred learned?

I’ve found that I lot of people talk about that we need to teach children what it means to love someone. Some people have considered hatred or “sin” to be naturally ingrained into us. I don’t think most kids are born with a will to harm people. I think hatred can a be learned justContinue reading “Tuesday Questions: Is hatred learned?”

Reflection: Looking at a massive revision

Over time, I’ve learned that I like reading and blogging. However, I’ve realized that I don’t really like to spend hours reading fictional books all the time. I’ve found myself trying to look at studies and question my beliefs more often than picking up a novel. Now that I’ve discovered this, this blog is aboutContinue reading “Reflection: Looking at a massive revision”

Writing Wednesday: Prompt 22

The day was long and hard, as we plowed the ground with hoes. The guards watched us and made us replow ground if it didn’t look right to them. We were in the largest dome on mars -second only to the royal dome that used to be the medical one when we weren’t in aContinue reading “Writing Wednesday: Prompt 22”

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