Not a Real Writer

Writing hasn’t always been easy for me. If though I’ve been writing on and off all depending on how much time I have, I still don’t feel real. It’s kind of strange thinking about it, how I’ve devoted so much time to it, but with seemingly no results sometimes I feel like everything I’ve doneContinue reading “Not a Real Writer”

Quiet: Book Discussion

I’ve been pretty introverted my whole life, so when I found quiet at half price books, I knew I would read it. I do think people in our culture find extroversion to be key in creating a life for ourselves, just as the book states. Even as I read this one of my coworkers thoughtContinue reading “Quiet: Book Discussion”

Educated: Book Discussion

I’ve recent read Educated by Tara Westover and I almsot couldn’t put it down. Even the cover is betiful and it goes with the story. The region is still home to her even after she redefines her life and by the end it her education blends together with it. However, the more I think aboutContinue reading “Educated: Book Discussion”

George Floyd

Eric Gardner was killed in a similar way about six years ago. And three years ago Angie Thomas created the book The Hate U Give. This has shown us that things haven’t really changed much. And to think that this all started because of a 20 dollar bill. My heart goes out to his family andContinue reading “George Floyd”

May Reflection

Depression has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with. Sometimes I think of a lot of the struggles in my life and think: why should I go on? Will I ever really make a difference? I think that life is full of highs and lows. I don’t know if depression isContinue reading “May Reflection”