Summer Reflection

These past few months have been crazy, in good ways and bad. I’ve finally moved out of my parents house which is a big step for me. However, the added responsibility has made it pretty difficult to write and work on other hobbies. And covid and politics haven’t helped much either. However, I’m done beatingContinue reading “Summer Reflection”

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

I was fascinated by the warrior cats series as a kid. And now, in some ways I still am. I like to read books about animals especially the ones where people aren’t they’re or they’re maybe background characters. I feel like often we feel the need to make stories about us. Romance, mystery, thrillers, fiction stories, mostContinue reading “Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter”

How Religion Encouraged my Mental Illnesses

I do think some aspects of religion are good, such as reminding people to be kind and love each other. However, I think there’s a rather enormous negative portion of it that’s been overlooked for too long. I went to church for about 18 years before I decided it would be best for me to leaveContinue reading “How Religion Encouraged my Mental Illnesses”

Caraval: Book Discussion

I got an Alice and Wondeland feel when I read this book. I liked how it was magical with its own unque twist to it. Out of the young adults books I’ve read I don’t think I’ve found something quite like this. I liked how a medieval setting was blended in with the magic tricks we’dContinue reading “Caraval: Book Discussion”