Finding Financial Stability in America

I’m writing as someone who is the last of the millienals or the beginning of gen z, depending on who I talk to. I will discuss my own struggles with finical stability as well as others. Here in America, our value is only determined by how much work we put into industry jobs and howContinue reading “Finding Financial Stability in America”

The Book Thief: Book Discussion

I just finshed The Book Thief. Out of all the books I’ve read I don’t think I’ve ever read I book structured like this one — or one that had death as the narrator. I knew this book was a histoical fiction on world war two. Yet despite its morbid setting the narrator was able toContinue reading “The Book Thief: Book Discussion”


I’ve been an atheist since I graduated High School. Over the years, I’ve been trying to figure out what it means to me. Now that I’ve held this ideology for a while, I’m going to discuss what I believe as an atheist and I will discuss the discrimination against people who aren’t religious and howContinue reading “Atheism”

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