How to argue

I’m writing this right before the election is over. I’ve seen a lot of things that we’ve been doing that I don’t like to see and I regret not doing this sooner. I’ve seen too much us versus them mentalities. And it seems here in America instead of deciding what’s really good for our countryContinue reading “How to argue”

Why Have Kids?

I think that many of the jobs we have today are in a lot of ways useless. Instead of making our own clothes, we have stores so we can by ridicules amounts and jump on the fast fashion trend. And sometimes we end of buying clothes that end up tearing in less than a month.Continue reading “Why Have Kids?”

American Dirt: Book Discussion

I finished American Dirt and I think one of my favorite things about this book, was that it tries to blend in some Spanish terms into it. It felt good to utilize the Spanish classes I took for once. This book gave me a better idea of the geography of Mexico as well as aContinue reading “American Dirt: Book Discussion”


A grew up with a lab that my family named Zeus. There were years where I walked and groomed him almost every day. And for a while I let him up on my bed and he would sleep with me. Sometimes we would go to a coffee shop and I would tie him to oneContinue reading “Dogs”

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