Why Have Kids?

I think that many of the jobs we have today are in a lot of ways useless. Instead of making our own clothes, we have stores so we can by ridicules amounts and jump on the fast fashion trend. And sometimes we end of buying clothes that end up tearing in less than a month. We want other people to serve us when we are more than capable of serving ourselves. We’ll pay kids money to work at amusement parks, build a bears and candy shops. But have a kid, and then what? What do you want a prize? Compentastation for trying to help the human race continue on? Ha, like we’re going to give you anything, its not like kids have put people in poverty and then are eventually taken away from their parents to be with rich ones. I don’t understand what the problem is.

This, this is part of the reason why I don’t want children. In America, even though we need to make use our species continues on so that we have other people to work our jobs when we no longer can. Having kids seems like a privilege. And their have been people who have had kids, but due to there finical circumstances those children were taken away. Before we were yours paints a pictures of even our modern day society. A lot of us already spend most of our time being exploited by the people above us. And to have family ripped apart is even more degrading and upsetting.

Another reason that I ask why have kids is due to the fact they we may have no idea who these people will become. Yes, having a good enveriment can encourage kids to contrubute to society, but I’ve been to retirement commucaunaties and I haven’t seen many families go to visit them. It was heartbreaking to me, that when those people who had had kids still ended up alone in bland rooms that probably give them little sense of comfort.

Not to mention for many us, both parents have to work. Daycare is expense, and it alls to pay for the hours that we won’t be seeing or interacting with our kids. Why would my generation want kids if we don’t even get to spend time with them? The kid would technically be mine, but if all I’ve done is hand the kid over to someone else how will I ever feel like that person’s mother?

The US has jobs, but many of them can barely take care of one persons needs. Not to mention many companies find ways to get part time workers and have work schedules made in way that ensures workers get the least amount of overtime pay possible. To me, having a kid while working for little pay would not be something I’d look forward to doing.

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