Why I do art

To answer simply, it’s just something I enjoy. I’m a pretty introverted person so I like projects I can work on by myself. I think that art has a powerful impact on my life. It’s helped me to control my thoughts and feelings. To allow myself to express how I feel without hurting anyone. AndContinue reading “Why I do art”

Why Poetry?

I think that over time poetry has fallen into the shadows. However, sites like WordPress have helped to keep the art alive. The rate that people have read poetry is declining. So want can we do to make it cool again? Why is it declining and what can we do to persuade more people toContinue reading “Why Poetry?”

The Sight: Book Discussion

I finished The Sight by David Clement-Davies today. Its nothing like any of the books I’ve read so far. With the ideology of the wolves blending with the ideologies of Christainity which is extremely noctiable throught out the book. As well as a allusion to Yugoslavia which I didn’t notice until I read the author’s note onContinue reading “The Sight: Book Discussion”

Let People Be Gay

Its been a struggle to write this. Looking back at the people I’ve probably hurt when I was christian. I accepted people who were gay back then, but I didn’t think it was right. I thought the only way for people to find true love was for them to be straight. But I’ve thought wrong beforeContinue reading “Let People Be Gay”

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