Why Study Religions?

For a long time and still today, religion has been the foundation of many of our lives. However, over time many people in the US and across Europe have began to lean more towards spirituallity. I still think its important to understand religions even as an atheist. We need to understand what keeps people there, and what ideas people stick to. We are not logical creatures. Many times, we have created bad habits and gone so far into them that we’ve convinced ourselves it good for us. We need to understand what people have believed in the past and how it changed over time. Otherwise, we might end up at square one again.

So far, other than discussing chirstainy I have kind of neglected this part of the blog. I have read a few books on Buddhism, but that’s pretty much it so far. However, I do plan on looking more into isalm, jadism, and hindu relgions. I do want to more what paganism and wiccan, but argubly that can still fit into christianity too.

I will try in some posts to make the information I give out as unbiased as possbile. However, there will more likely than not be posts where I will argue why atheism is probably the best option with what we know right now.

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