There must a hole inside them, When their mates travel far oversees. I wonder if they worry, Of seals killing them. If their chick would be whisked away, By another penguin, If they turned their backs. I think I would worry a lot, If all I could was wait in the frigid winter air.

My journey of writing a book…. so far

I’m currently writing a fictional novel inspired by a wolf quest game I’ve played as a kid and still do sometimes. I’ve written over 25,000 words as of now. Which is exciting! I spent a lot of time in high school where I would write a few pages, but then I would stop and neverContinue reading “My journey of writing a book…. so far”

White Working Class: Book Discussion

So I finally finished this book that I had found at an airport years ago. When I first picked it up I thought it would be racist, but now I’ve realized that it isn’t. I understand in a way, why we need this book. We do our best to make sure the lives of minorityContinue reading “White Working Class: Book Discussion”

Godshot by Chelsea Bieker: Book Discussion

This was probably the strangest book I ever read. At the end of it I don’t know if the character really learned much of anything. Other than the cult being worse than being around people who actually treated her with respect. I understand that the book is more focused on the mother daughter relationship —orContinue reading “Godshot by Chelsea Bieker: Book Discussion”

Grizzly Bear

I wonder what you think of, This time of year. What do you dream of? The honey you might find, In spring? To have the sun hit your face, Once more? Or is there a little gem now with you, And you’re just hoping she makes it, To the next winter.

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