There must a hole inside them, When their mates travel far oversees. I wonder if they worry, Of seals killing them. If their chick would be whisked away, By another penguin, If they turned their backs. I think I would worry a lot, If all I could was wait in the frigid winter air.

My journey of writing a book…. so far

I’m currently writing a fictional novel inspired by a wolf quest game I’ve played as a kid and still do sometimes. I’ve written over 25,000 words as of now. Which is exciting! I spent a lot of time in high school where I would write a few pages, but then I would stop and neverContinue reading “My journey of writing a book…. so far”

White Working Class: Book Discussion

So I finally finished this book that I had found at an airport years ago. When I first picked it up I thought it would be racist, but now I’ve realized that it isn’t. I understand in a way, why we need this book. We do our best to make sure the lives of minorityContinue reading “White Working Class: Book Discussion”

Godshot by Chelsea Bieker: Book Discussion

This was probably the strangest book I ever read. At the end of it I don’t know if the character really learned much of anything. Other than the cult being worse than being around people who actually treated her with respect. I understand that the book is more focused on the mother daughter relationship —orContinue reading “Godshot by Chelsea Bieker: Book Discussion”

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