Is School Ruining Writing?

I hate being washy with this site. However, I’ve accepted that this will just remain a hobby. Other than my job, I like to do things on my own terms. Experiment and see what happens. I know this site isn’t perfect and sometimes not even what I would consider “good.” But I’ve learned now that after several years that if I can’t motivate myself to do much with it I might as well do things that I enjoy. I tried hustle culture and honestly I think its more stress than what’s it worth. I’m going to enjoy myself and not create more work that I don’t need. Which brings me to the reason I’m making this post.

After working different jobs and pursuing different skills on my own time, I decided I needed to finish my degree in order to be happy. And while I do believe it will help me in the long run, sometimes I will see flaws in the system. I plan on finishing college, but there are a lot of flaws that I see in the school system that I hope future generations will not have to go through. I am lucky to be where I am, but I’ve also worked hard and honestly if it wasn’t for the work that I put in already, college probably wouldn’t have been a realistic option for me.

I’m getting a degree that is not related to writing at all. I had to take not one, but two English classes for it. Which were pretty much exactly the same. Why do students have literally no say whatsoever in the classes they take? Especially when the money they used to pay for it is 100% their own. I can understand other people having more say in what classes students should take if someone else is paying for it. However, I would still say that for both situations the people who should have the most say in that should be the people that are currently in the positions(jobs) that those students want to be in. Getting their opinion would ensure that every penny given to them gives them the best chance at getting where they want to be. Sadly, as far as I know, I haven’t that idea put into action much.

The worst part is that we never went over how to make email signatures or learn about how to format resumes and how those should look for different jobs. We were writing, but we were learning skills that about 50 to 75 percent of us didn’t need to know. We weren’t learning writing skills that we could’ve applied to the jobs we wanted.

On top of all this they wanted us to learn this platform for school. Of which I already knew how to do since I created this blog in High School. Some might be happy since this would make the class easier, however, time to me is one of the most valuable things we could ever have and wasting for no reason just drives me insane. We used in it in both the first and the second class. While I see how it can help students be more tech savy and would’ve been good for me since it pertains to my degree(although I already knew how to use it) It just really made me cringe. I know there are other ways to to get students to write in an online setting without making everything public. With wordpress it has to be public and even though a lot of people have social media and don’t really care there are some people that do. And it might be work that they may not be proud of and don’t want people to see. I don’t understand how this was acceptable.

I like my hobby writing because it’s like an outlet for me. When I have to write things a certain way it’s like the music just stops. It’s kind of hard to explain. I write for myself, I write publicly in hopes it might help other students for are struggling with this. School has kind of instilled in me a love hate relationship with writing. I think some things for certain people are just meant to be for fun. That’s all I want writing for. When everything becomes work life and just become hard and depressing.

I’m curious to learn how other people feel about this and I plan on making more posts on school sometime in the future.

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