Mystery Blogger Award

Thank you so much Zoë for nominating me! I think this award will help bring bloggers together so we can find ways to improve our posts. I’d also like to thank Okoto Enigma for creating this award! The Rules Put the award logo/image on your blog List the rules Thank whoever nominated you and provide aContinue reading “Mystery Blogger Award”

Arrival and the Story Behind It

When we think of aliens the first thing that pops into our mind is the idea that they will invade earth and destroy humanity as we know it, but what if that wasn’t the case? In the movie Arrival and The Story of You, that wasn’t quite what was envisioned, more like the complete opposite. The story andContinue reading “Arrival and the Story Behind It”

What Books Help Us With

Books always raise questions in my mind, such as what would happen if society was flipped upside down? Wouldn’t it be cool if we never had to worry about money again? What could I have done better if I was in their situation? After reading a good book my mind is turning with questions, I can relateContinue reading “What Books Help Us With”

Dear Authors, STOP Putting Characters on the Cover

Most readers say they like the book better than the movie, why? Because we want to imagine them for ourselves. I can’t even read Harry Potter because I’ve the the characters in the movie stuck in my head. Seeing a book with the main character on the cover is starting to make me feel queasy. I don’tContinue reading “Dear Authors, STOP Putting Characters on the Cover”

Why Natasha Preston is my Favorite Author

It’s the thrill, it’s the waiting, it’s the calm voice of the antagonist that makes you want to throw something, it’s wondering why the main character won’t do anything. Reading her books will leave you squirming in your seat, hoping the main character will do something, anything, to get out of their current situation. Natasha Preston reallyContinue reading “Why Natasha Preston is my Favorite Author”

Review of A Dog’s Purpose

I think A Dog’s Purpose is a five out of five, the transition from each dog went smoothly and throughout the book the question: what is a dog’s purpose? Remained in my mind throughout the majority of the story. Throughout the novel, the dog learns something new about people and their relationship with dogs. He learns whichContinue reading “Review of A Dog’s Purpose”

About W. Bruce Cameron

Bruce Cameron is the author of A Dog’s Purpose, a best selling book that was put on the New York Times best seller’s list. He has created a website that showcases A Dog’s Purpose as well as other books he has written. Throughout his life, Bruce quickly learned that writing wasn’t easy. During the begining of his career he rContinue reading “About W. Bruce Cameron”

Books I want to Read in 2017

1) Life After Life On a cold and snowy night in 1910, Ursula Todd is born, the third child of a wealthy English banker and his wife. Sadly, she dies before she can draw her first breath. On that same cold and snowy night, Ursula Todd is born, lets out a lusty wail, and embarksContinue reading “Books I want to Read in 2017”

Why I Read…

1. It’s relaxing Sometimes books can calm me down. It’s nice to read something where I feel like I’m there, ya know? I’m not working my nine to five job, instead I’m fighting imagery people with my imagery best friends and we’re solving real life…. Umm, wait I mean fictional problems. Books can sometimes take me places,Continue reading “Why I Read…”

Thirteen Reasons Why People Might Want to Die

I’m not saying suicide isn’t serious, but I do think these aren’t good reasons for someone to want to die. Then again, that could be the reason why the author wrote the book, to show people that logic isn’t a factor in suicide, people kill themselves because they believe it is their only option. After a few years,Continue reading “Thirteen Reasons Why People Might Want to Die”

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