There must a hole inside them,

When their mates travel far oversees.

I wonder if they worry,

Of seals killing them.

If their chick would be whisked away,

By another penguin,

If they turned their backs.

I think I would worry a lot,

If all I could was wait in the frigid winter air.

My journey of writing a book…. so far

I’m currently writing a fictional novel inspired by a wolf quest game I’ve played as a kid and still do sometimes. I’ve written over 25,000 words as of now. Which is exciting! I spent a lot of time in high school where I would write a few pages, but then I would stop and never go back to it. I’ve also revised the rough drafts quite a bit and soon I will have 20 parts finished.

My plan is that I will practice writing novels based off of games and books I like and then move on to creating something more original.

White Working Class: Book Discussion

So I finally finished this book that I had found at an airport years ago. When I first picked it up I thought it would be racist, but now I’ve realized that it isn’t. I understand in a way, why we need this book. We do our best to make sure the lives of minority groups are better, but sometimes we do forget about the white working class. Now, I’m not here to say that both minorities and white people have been dealt the same card. However, when it comes to the working class we get people of all races and talking about that is probably something that will bring us together rather than tear us apart. So, with that being said, here’s my list of questions:

  1. In a study, the book found that the elites valued merit while the working class valued morals. Do you think this is a product of being in that class? Or do you think it just a state of mind? Which would have a higher value to you and why?

I think that it’s a mixture of both. I think many people born into might start out with that state of mind and then change into a different one and maybe find a different place in society. So people that maintain that state of mind are likely to stay in the same class.

I think morals have a higher value to me than merit. I think that places merit before values can create entitled people. I want a society that has certain standards, to work on being eco friendly, to be nice and understanding towards people etc.

2. Each chapter is a question, with chapter 5 being, “Why doesn’t the working class just move to where the jobs are?” What is your answer to this? Do you think the author answers this question well or is there a better answer?

This is something that I think I and many other working class people would get angry at. We have families that we depend on and they depend on us. We refuse to abandon each other, our loyalty lies with our family not self improvement. By focusing us just improving yourself many other people are left behind. We won’t move because we care too much about what will happen to our families if we do. Also, in the world of self improvement where are all the kids visiting and taking care of the grandparents? That kind of stuff just doesn’t happen anymore, everyone’s too busy buying materaliatis things to entertain or for some random skill the world doesn’t;t need and or want them to have. I’ve been to retirement communities, a lot of them rarely ever have visitors. Is this really self improvement or is it a game of how can I ignore others for as long as I can and then tell them how great I am for doing so?


3. What is the author’s answer for the decline of marriage in America? How true do you think this is? What are other reasons for why marriage has been declining?

A stable life where Americans can own a home, have a steady job and stable home life is becoming less liking with the competition for housing right in 2020 as well as college debt and college taking up most of a young adult’s fertile years. The author’s answer to this is that marriage just isn’t practical anymore. And I think she’s right to a degree. I think another problem with it is also what marriage means within itself. We’re asking women to give up their lives names and have a ceremony in which when preachers will basically say that that women will be “owned,” but whichever man they marry. Not to mean the heavy price to pay, usually for men, if the couple decides to get a divorce. Marriage doesn’t allow  fro individualism it automatically assumes that the women relied on the mens income and will need more of it when she gets divorced. Marriage creates a codependence which might be good when a couple has kids it isn’t good at encouraging the couple to make sure they can take care of themselves rather than relying on the partner. Encouraging codependency and stating its good for society isn’t right. Codenpendacy doesn’t allow for true freedom to exist. Women especially might stay will partners they don’t like because they’ve relied on them for so long. If we tried to get rid of this codenpencay and encouraged individualism in the future this may not happen to many women down the road.

4. Why do we pressure everyone to go college even when for the poor and the working class, sometimes it isn’t even worth it?

My high school made it seem like college should be for everyone if we wanted to live a good life. Stats have shown that people who get degrees do earn more money. However, some that may have more to do with debt and the need to make sure that it’s taken care of. A lot of us already have expenses before we’re even old enough to go to college. There’s a lot of kid that had to save up for a car, that had to pay their gas and car insurance since their parent didn’t have enough to do that for them. Adding college to that gives less time to work and less money to spend during the time they’re there. In elite families the author states that, “its simply unthinkable to not go to college.” They have time and money so in the long run its easier for them to invest in something like that.

In some ways it was hard for me to read this. On the first few pages she quoted people with a huge sense of entitlement. When my parents were first starting their lives as young adults people climbed the ladder. Not many people got four year degrees and skipped all the less dirsiable jobs to make it to the top. I did less disable jobs before I got to the one I have now. I know there are kids that work and go to college, but why isn’t more credit given to workers. Yes, in college kids learn, but when will they or will they ever apply what they learned to contribute to society? 

One of the elite responses to the author in the book was, “My seemingly cutting edge job [is] only as secure as I made it for myself… why in God’s name am I supposed to feel sympathy for the people whose laziness and sense of entitlement ruin so deep that they are pining for jobs that were already gone before they were born?” Okay jackass that thinks he so god like he’s knows his job will never disappear. The people you’re referring to are most likely older people that have probably done their job for maybe 20 ro 30 plus years and you have no sympathy? They probably been out of school for so long that they might even struggle through the most basic classes. There’s no way that younger people are hanging onto one job, and I can almost guettnet that people my age did more jobs than this guy before he even finished his degree. Ugh, people like this abolsulty disgust me. I think the only people that has an entitlement issue is that guy and the only way that guy is getting any respect from me is if he worked while he was in college, but something tells me he would have never said this if he did.

We like to assume that because America is a, “free,” country we had teach of children that their dreams can come true without and scrafices or consequences.

5. Over time, have we begun to lack respect for the blue collar classes while glorifying the white collar classes?

I believe so, I get paid more to sit down and not do much of anything than I did to run around doing stuff that would leave me exhusted when I got home. My partner even told me someone he knew would only get paid ten an hour to be a firefighter. Who pays someone ten an hour to risk their own life? I don’t think psychical labor matters much to people anymore, what matters is how smart you are. Which I don’t think is right. Being able to do physical labor is a strength that most people will only have for a certain period of time. If anything those people should be given the same or more since there strength will most likey start to decline before many other people’s mental abilities. They also risk injury more than an office worker. If we don’t give blue collar people what they need there could be a decline and people that do those jobs and or the people that do them just end up being teenagers who may not even know what they’re doing.

6. What’s the unspoken message of helicopter parenting —that if you don’t knock everyone’s socks off you’re a failure?

That kids always have to aim for being the star in everything they do. That they need to be insanely social and likable. Something a lot of kids in the western culture are being pressured to do. No one wants to give credit to the backstage kids that made a lot of it happen. Which in some ways I feel livid about. I’m not here to stand on a stage I’m here to pull my own weight and I expect the same from everyone else.

7.  Are all of us entitled to the American dream, regardless of race? “Would working class whites be so furious about, “political correctness,” if they were among those whose challenges are recognized?

No, some of us just flat out refuse to take care of the properties that we’ve been given and should’ve had more respect for. Only those able to maintain the American dream should get it. Everyone else that doesn’t want the responsibly of owning a house should rent, but realize the finical sacrifices they’ll have to make. I am for low income housing though since recently its becoming harder and harder to get a house even for those who would do a great job taking care of it. I think many people find it hard to get a house regardless of race. Young people now have to decide if they want to go to college or not before they even get one. And if they choose to go to college and are also not allowed to stay at their parents home. It could create finical problems so great that that might only be able to afford low income housing.

8. Has stigma around certain jobs, actually made them more valuable since no one wants them?

Yes, there are quite a few blue collar jobs that many people think aren’t that good. So sometimes they’ll get more money since less people want to work them. I think that in some ways especially now that miilienails are growing up, people are now slowly started to see the value of these jobs come back after years of stigma.

9. Why have we made college so expensive? Is it a nesscaity or is it a luxury?

Most colleges are expensive because a lot of the money doesn’t even go to the education. It goes to pools, gyms, and housing. Some apartments are bigger and cost less than the room and board of a college. I would say that eductions is a nesscaity, but all the extra bulshit in college is just a flat out rip off to get money from young people that have zero understanding of finances. And we need college to work with companies to figure out what students really need to know for these job. We need to stop general ed unless it is relevant to the job the student wants, that’s what High School was for, why are we making kids do it all over again?

Godshot by Chelsea Bieker: Book Discussion

This was probably the strangest book I ever read. At the end of it I don’t know if the character really learned much of anything. Other than the cult being worse than being around people who actually treated her with respect. I understand that the book is more focused on the mother daughter relationship —or lack thereof. I’m glad that the character had gotten out of the cult, but at the same time I think there’s more she could’ve learned. And that her situation at the end of the book, despite it being much better than her past experiences, still shows that there are still some beliefs from the past that she holds on to. And for that reason, I don’t really know if she was able to completely break free.

  1. In the beginning of the book, Lacey has her first period and her mom gets her sweets. when Lacey tells her she in pain her mother says, “‘Women have a long history of suffering,'” what does she mean by this? Do you think help do anything to fight against it?

I think when she talks about women’s suffering is not only talking about cramps, she talking about the struggles she went through that her daughter isn’t aware of in the book. Like the way her own mother treated her and many of the men that have abused her. I think she barely does anything to help fight against this, she leaves her daughter in a dangerous position, she goes off to be a, “movie star,” with some random guy while the women that care about her try to convince her to not go. She could’ve worked at a restaurant, gotten an office job, moved somewhere with more resources where her and her daughter could’ve enjoyed their lives together…. but she didn’t. She does call the cops for her daughter in the end, which was good. However, there’s still so much more she could’ve done.

2. On page 51, they start rummaging through her mother’s things after they’re pretty sure she won’t be coming back. Lacey is trying find an excuse to keep the romance novels and states that, “women’s needs have never been mentioned in the church, never mentioned by anyone I could remember.” After reading this, what were your predictions of where he book would go? Were you happy or disappointed?

When the character started having these thoughts, it helped me breathe a little bit more. I was hoping that by the end of the book, she wouldn’t’ be tied to any religion whatsoever. But when she talks about a better god at the end and handed out candy canes, I was really disappointed. Christainty i like rolling a dice. Some ways people see it can destroy women from the inside out. Other ways not as much, but that doesn’t change the fact that verses used to suppress women are still there. Or the fact that we may never really know the real story of Jesus since many people where illiterate and considering most of the disciplines were fishermen, i doubt they could even read let alone write. And with the stories most likely being told from word of mouth and then onto to paper to later be truanted a whole bunch of times. Why are people trusting a game of telephone over science?

3. Page 106 talks about a bumper sticker that Vern has, and it says, “Remember who brought the rains and If you were on trail for following Vern would their be enough evidence to convict you?

4. On page 165, Lacey talks about wanting a different world. What kind of world did she want and how is different from what ended up happening?

5. Daisy talks about how she feels about being a mom on page 204. How is her idea of being a mom different from what most religions teach?

I don’t think its really textbook religion that teaches this. But a lot of religions try to teach girls that being a mom is one of the best things in the world. And their are girls and women who geneliuly want that wholeheartedly. But not everyone. Dasiy talks about how she didn’t;t really want a kid, but ended up loving her daughter anyway. I think even today, being a mother is as respected at it should be. Pregnant women can face having permeant disabilities anreven death after or while being pregnant. They are usaully the ones in the relationship that have to sacrifice most of their time for that kid. And for years they are completely dependent on someone else while with pets they are only dependent for about half a year.

6.When Stringy finds out the truth about Vern on 265, how does Cherry react? What do you think it was like when Lacey’s mother lived with Cherry before is was born? How does Lacey’s relationship with her mother help her move away from Cherry’s ideologies?

Cherry cared more about what would happen to her pastor rather than her own granddaughter. When Lacey’s mother lived with her, it probably would’ve been a living hell if it wasn’t for her dad. Grandparents are usually more affectionate to their grandchildren then they were their actual children and if that’s how she treated Lacey then I don’t even want to know how she treated her mother.

7. When Lacey has her daughter, towards the end she talks about how Peaches asks who her daddy is and Lacey says she, “looks into her eyes, [and says] nothing.” And that, “the truth does not always set us free.” Do you think she does the right thing by not telling hr daughter what happened?

No. I abulsutly do not think she did the right thing. I don’t want to hide reality from children, I think that wrong and if anything it could make their situation even worse. When the truth is hidden kids might start to feel too invesible. And when that happens and then a bad situation presents itself. I think those kids fall down harder.

Tips for First Time Vegans

I’ve been vegan since 2017. It wasn’t that long ago that I had to revise what I used to eat to fit my lifestyle now. Going vegan can be hard and sometimes we just don’t know where to start. So, I’m here to help anyone who is interested in going vegan. Here are some tips:

1. Have dry food

When most people think of veganism, they think of fresh fruits and vegetables. While that is a huge part of our diet, sometimes life can get crazy and we don’t have too much time to plan out meals. Then our fresh produce goes bad and now we have to find something else to make. And often, fruits and vegetables aren’t always filling. Having dry food like rice, pastas, lentils, quinoa and even potatoes can make cooking so much easier.

2. Quality Fresh Food

In the art world, many of us often hear the saying, “less is more.” Having good quality fresh fruits and vegetables can make a huge difference in taste. Checking to make sure that fruits and vegetables look good help to make meals taste better. With certain produce, like avocados, it’s important to keep in mind when we want to use them. Avocados that aren’t ready to eat just yet, will be hard and sometimes light green. If we don’t want to use them in the next few days, it is best to get one that’s still hard, but not really light green. I’ve found that those ones will usually never get the desired mushy texture. If we want to use one the day it’s bought, I would get one that’s a little soft, but not too mushy. If an avocado is really mushy it probably has a lot of black spots and those don’t taste good either.

3. Frozen food

I don’t really like to buy premade frozen meals. I lot of the frozen vegan meals are hit or miss for me. But buying frozen veggies and veggies mixes can make cooking easier. Most stores have frozen mixes to make soups. And frozen lima beans, peas and edamame can be added into meals or eaten on their own for a filling snack.

Making meals and freezing them are a good option too. Soups and chilies are good to make and then freeze. I’ve found that making burritos and freezing them have worked out well too.

4. Herbs

Herbs and spices can help make food taste better. Using them to substitute oil, salt and sugar can help us to stay healthy. Most people have dried herbs and spices, but to find something more powerful, some stores carry somewhat dry herbs as well as fresh herbs. Every once in a while, stores will also have herbs that we can grow ourselves. I have a parsley plant that has been with me for almost five years!

I have also found that freezing herbs can add a stronger flavor to meals. However, I have yet to see stores do this.

5. Substitues

I think vegan substitutes are continuing to grow and we are still finding creative ways to recreate favorites foods. Silk has been around since I was a kid, and they make a lot of great milk substitutes. I’ve found soy to be the closet to real milk. Beyond meat is perfect for burgers and meatball substitutes. Lightlife smart dogs probably make the best vegan hot dogs I’ve had and they are way less calories than a normal hot dog so we can eat more and feel less guilty. Simple truth has made quite a bit of vegan products. I’ve found one of the best cheese brands to be follow you heart and so delicious has created many ice creams, yogurts and other vegan, “dairy,” products.

Places like UDF, and Ben and Jerry’s also have a ice cream line of diary free alternatives.

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