Short Stories

Now I’ve decided to write prompts every Wednesday to help exercise my writing skills. To help make the navigation a little easier I’ve decided to write a list of the prompts I’ve used and link those to my posts. Let me know if you’ve ever written a story based off these prompts or a prompt similar to it. 🙂

Prompt 1

Write about a wedding day from the perspective of someone who knows they’re marrying the wrong person, but goes through with it anyway.

Prompt 2

A detective is called to the scene of what appears as simply roadkill. Until they step closer  to the body.

Prompt 3

There is a prison where there are no guards, yet the prisoners are too afraid to try and escape.

Prompt 4

An accidental villain

Prompt 5

Tell the story of a scar.

Prompt 6 

Write about a story about a child who frees an animal.

Prompt 7

Two friends have a disagreement.

Prompt 8

Write about a character who felt defeated.

Prompt 9

Write about twins that find each other.

Prompt 10

Write about losing something a character needed and then finding it at the last minute.






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