House Mouse

A scurry across the floor, A life of fear, Hoping that nothing is near. Small terror to many I’ve met, Maybe one day there will be understanding. But until the the big worlds, And little worlds, Will set fire to each other.

White Lion

They have captured hearts, And we have captured them. Even the powerful can be canned. All due to there need for food, Of which soul taking is a nesscaity. The pale color a rarity of its kind, There is beauty on the outside, But what is felt within?

Arctic Fox

They pair for life, The small balls of fluff. But beware their teeth aren’t as cute. Away from their pups, they hunt. Ears to the ground, To capture a world down below, The snow. A glint of light across the snow. A graceful jump and a dive. A hope, That the pups will survive.

Why vegan?

I have been vegan since the summer of 2017. I didn’t realize that it was possible until I had watched What the Health on Netflix. At the time, I planned on being a vet tech and couldn’t stand the thought of killing an animal if I didn’t need to. I went cold turkey. And theContinue reading “Why vegan?”

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