Goals Before the New Year

I haven’t been the best at staying consistent. So to help with this I’ve decided to focus on artwork a little bit more. I want to do more digital art, but I won’t be able to do that yet until I get a good tablet. So for now, I’ll probably just posts what’s in myContinue reading “Goals Before the New Year”

Figuring Things Out

Learning to be an adult and be responsible for myself hasn’t always been a easy road. After years of self help and trying new things, I think that with patience, I will learn where I need to be. I want to create something that helps people, but I need to take care of myself first.Continue reading “Figuring Things Out”

Why I read…

I’ve made a post before on why I read, but now I think its time for an update. I used to read a lot of romance novels. I still do now, however, recently I’ve been craving books that are more thought provoking and books on an animals perspective. Now, book like those are something IContinue reading “Why I read…”

Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter

I was fascinated by the warrior cats series as a kid. And now, in some ways I still am. I like to read books about animals especially the ones where people aren’t they’re or they’re maybe background characters. I feel like often we feel the need to make stories about us. Romance, mystery, thrillers, fiction stories, mostContinue reading “Warrior Cats by Erin Hunter”

Caraval: Book Discussion

I got an Alice and Wondeland feel when I read this book. I liked how it was magical with its own unque twist to it. Out of the young adults books I’ve read I don’t think I’ve found something quite like this. I liked how a medieval setting was blended in with the magic tricks we’dContinue reading “Caraval: Book Discussion”

The Secrets of the Wolves: Book Review

I love books about animals, when I was little I read a lot of the Warrior Cats series. And now, after searching for a while a came across The Wolf Chronicles series. I feel in love with the main character before I had even reached page 50. I had read the first book The Promise of the Wolves last year and unfortunately IContinue reading “The Secrets of the Wolves: Book Review”

The Girl who Played With a Little More than Fire

I finally finished the second book of Stieg Larsson’s series and I will say that all my expectations were fulfilled. Rarely have a been bored with his first two books and the story just keeps getting more and more layers too. It’s like as soon as you feel like you know Lizbeth Slander, you findContinue reading “The Girl who Played With a Little More than Fire”

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