Vegan Discussions

On this page, I will talk about my experiences as a vegan. Foods and diets I’ve tried and how the vegan diet has helped me. I went vegan a few months after I graduated from High School and it has helped me in a lot ways. It has helped me to run better and it’s helped prevent me from getting sick often.

I decided to have posts were I discuss veganism because I know that despite it becoming more popular. Finding another vegan to help give advice can be hard. So I wanted to write about it to help other vegans feel understood -and to show others what it means.

Throughout my journey as vegan, I’ve discovered that going high carb, low fat has helped me the most. In women, high fat can contribute to high prostaglandin, -a hormone that can make menstruation hurt if they have too much of it. Discovering this has been life changing. However, it has been hard to stay on a diet strict enough to get the cramps to go away. Fat is everywhere in restaurants -even in vegan food. Cooking can be a nightmare sometimes because everything has so much oil in it that I would have to make everything myself -from sauces to the main entree.

Please remember, I am not saying that veganism is hard -staying away from animal products can actually be super easy. What’s hard is trying to stay away from all the fat that everyone keeps putting in everything.


Have you ever tried veganism before? Did you think it was hard or easy? In what ways do you think it helped you?